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Today we had 4 core, so only 40 minutes with Mrs. Edwards :c We had 3 activities we could do: Sleep, do a quiet activity, or create a Summer homework assignment for incoming Juniors for extra credit, This assignment must somehow incorporate one of the 3 core themes we’ve done over the year (British Literature, Prometheus, and College to Career) and the 4 learning abilities (speak, listen, read, write). Be sure to make it EXTRA HARD to torture the upcoming Juniors, and since they’ll have their lit. books, you can incorporate those. The number of extra credit points is set at 8.

Anyways today you NEED to create a senior blog and send that to Mr.Purther’s email. That would be clay909@gmail.com. If he got it, he’ll reply thanks!

Tomorrow is senior presentations, DO NOT BE LATE. To find out your appropriate class and room, click on your name at http://ipolyhs.org/sps/?p=viewers&vis=11.


Special thank you to Iliana who helped me remember the stuff we talked about, because my phone died and deleted the note :/

Gooooooooooo West!

Game Plan

  • SSR: - Today is the last day for SSR and core english.
  • Announcements: - We will used class time today as house and to work on final presentations on


  • Homework: –  Work on College to Career portfolio.

Game Plan 

Announcements: – We have all been given a survey for our parents, to sample whether or not they will be willing to pay

for a summer enrichment program at iPoly. This is due on May 30, if you want to qualify for extra credit.

- Remember we have our final presentations on May 19th, which will result in a late start that day at 1:29

P.M. if you have a fourth block that day. If not report to your house teacher at 4:30 P.M. West house will

be graded by Mr. Hedman.

- Senior presentations will begin on May 21, so be sure to print out your schedule. All junior teachers DO

NOT know where you’ll be headed that day. So don’t ask. Also, be sure to BE ON TIME. To locate your

schedule, go online to ipolyhs.org.

Academic Resume: – You must complete this. This is going to go in College to Career portfolio. To locate the template, go to

the class blog under “Handouts”.

Today in Edwards class from 9:36 am to 11:02 am we… had SSR for 26 minutes and went over the Kiersey test.

There were even some announcements… 1. bring in your literature books this week if you want a P for it! if everyone brings it in our class first we get some extra credit.

2. Edwards is no longer checking out SSR books so if you have any at home please return them to her.

3. the CSTs are thursday for most of the day and if you miss it, you can retake it on friday.

4. The trailers are due on wednesday first block for her house to Mrs. Wonders. If you don’t have it on a flash drive, print out the link on a paper that has your group members name and house. If you have a flash drive make sure that it has names and houses on it.

5. Check out the class of 2015 blog. On the blog you will find the sign ups for the senior presentations. The sign ups start at 1:00 pm on tuesday and will end at midnight. If you do not sign up for a presentation, you will be assigned to one that doesn’t have many signups.

THE PERSONALITY TEST – We took the Keirsey Temperament Sorter which gave you an idea of what kind of personality you might have. after getting you’re results, you must read some packets and decide weather you agree or disagree with the outcome. From there you must also define the generic meaning of each character trait. The packets can be found on the handout section of blog.

thank you west house

спасибо запад дом.

We had SSR as always for the first 20 minutes. Then we proceeded to admin stuff.

Things of note:

- extra credit count is at 8

- Tomorrow is the last day to turn in your textbook for a sick grade.

- Trailer projination is due Wednesday May 7.

- WW is due Monday May 5 and the option to take your current WW grade is still available.

After admin stuff, we got the rest of class time to work on our trailer.

Today was the day to get everything straight with senior year. Today in class, we the juniors went down into the MPR to ask the seniors any questions we may have over senior project or senior year in general.

Highlights of the Q&A

What’s model assembly? Death. It’s a 5 day conference held in Ursa Minor where delegates must vote on bills. Sort of like a debate, but one that lasts the whole day and everyone is involved.

Senior project? What is that? It’s whatever you want it to be. Your final hurrah at i-Poly. The big project. 1 hr and 30 min presentation. You gotta have loads of research. Mentorship is a must. Better start now.

12:38 dismissal! I like it? You have a 12:38 dismissal because that time is supposed to be dedicated to research and/or mentorship. If the time you are given off is seen to be used unwisely, well then the office will stick you into a 4th block.

At the end of the Q&A, we returned as a class to Edwards and spent the rest of our time working on trailers.

Trailer projination due date has now been extended to May 7.


Today in class we went over basic admin things. Such things of import that were discussed are as follows:
1. Writing Workshop is due May 5 (Mrs. Edward’s offer of not doing the WW and taking your current WW grade still stands)
2. Senior Project chat up is this Wednesday (have your questions ready)
3. Trailer Projination is due May 5
4. Textbook returns are now open, to be eligible for an AE, turn it in this week.

After admin stuff, the class had free reign on what they wanted to do. Preferably trailer stuff.


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