Just to recap what we did in class today, here is the game plan from today.

  • SSR
  • Work the Square
  • Share Out

We did SSR like we do everyday and after SSR Mrs. Edwards talked about what we were doing in house tomorrow and a little about second semester. Tomorrow in House they will be collecting the materials list, so be prepared. We then continued Working the Square for most of the block then did a share out at the end of the class.

Hello again West House and Parents of West House. We had our second rotation of the week with Mrs. Edwards and today we had a very busy game plan to tackle. We started off the block with SSR like always, but today we followed SSR with a life survey. The life survey was about what we should do for our second semester project. Mrs. Edwards went over the teachers conversation about second semester and she told the class that the Junior team likes to take into consideration the opinions of the students. So, with that being said, she explained a students idea about life skills and the Junior team liked the idea very well and all the teachers were on board with this decision. She then asked the class what life skills we would like to do projects on wrote them on the board. I will attach a picture of what was on the list. After life skills we continued with Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, that assignment was about pathways to write and speak. We were given a paper that explained ethos, pathos, and logos. We then had to read the handout and take notes on it then talk about it afterwards. The last task of the day was to Work the PAPA Square. It was a group assignment that we barely started and that is the assignment we will continue on next rotation. I will also attach the game plan written on the board.

Hello West House, Im just recapping what we did in class. On Monday we started off class with SSR then Mrs. Edwards read us an example of expository text from the book Why Does Gender Matter. We then started the assignments from our daily game plan, and started off with the Blog Assessments. We wrote down on a separate piece of paper what grade we would give each blog using the rubric. We talked about the blogs and went over the three different blogs as a class after we assessed them individually. Don’t forget, if you want your blog assignment assessed in class please email Mrs. Edwards and ask her if she can put your blog up in class. Our second assignment for the day was Hounding the Innocent by Bob Herbert. On a separate paper we took notes on the article for minutes, after the ten minutes were up Mrs. Edwards talked to the class about note taking. She mentioned that she would prefer us taking notes on structure rather than content because structure notes help you with writing essays instead of accidentally turning your essay into a summary. The last task of the day was the PAPA Square (remember the paper is in the Handouts section of the blog). We were supposed to look over the the paper and copy it down in our notebook.

Read this article on e-cigarettes. Then respond to it in a coherent paragraph. Some response starters are as follows:

  • Do you agree/disagree with the argument that e-cigs will lead to addictive use of regular cigarettes?
  • Should e-cigs be regulated by the FDA in the same way that regular cigarettes are?
  • If it remains that the FDA does not regulate e-cigs, predict what effect it will have on our teens in 5-10 years


  • Gameplan
    • SSR
    • CW
      • p.64 # 2-10 – separate paper
      • p.69 Thinking Critically
        • Suggestions for a journal entry
          • All in notebook
    • HW: Blog #3 due Fri 8pm
      • Book orders due next Wed

Now more in depth. First we did the daily dosage of SSR, 10 pages for an AP, 15 for an P, and 20 for an AE. Remember that you have one month to complete a book in order to get the correct grade you deserve. Next we did some more busy work from the College Writer. First we did p.64 #2-10 on a separate paper. In this we had a subject, and we had to specify it even more. Such as one of them is Computers, and we could add “revolutionized the world as we know it” to specify what we’re talking about. Afterwards, we did the p.69 Thinking Critically. Remember, we did this in our notebooks, not on a separate paper. In this we were given a paragraph, in this case its about the Planet names, and we had to write a topic sentence on the paragraph. Wasn’t that hard, all you need to remember is to give a sentence that helps sum up the main point in the passage. Remember, the Central Idea is the focal point of all your writing, all paragraphs and sentences you write have to support it. Next we did our Suggestions for a journal entry, in which we got a Limited Subject, which is something that your familiar with and its very broad. Then we have Main Points, in which we jot down short descriptions towards the Limited Subject. Lastly, we have the Topic Sentence, and in this we put everything from the above two points together to create our topic sentence. We had to do three of these. Before the end of the class, we did something called a Whip It, which is when all the groups one by one have to share out their answer. By doing this, everyone gets to speak and in an orderly fashion. The topic of our “Whip It” was the pg.64, which we did on a separate paper. After everyone shared we had to turn it in. Our homework for the week is the Blog Assignment #3, which is due Friday. Also if you had book orders, you need to give them to Edwards by next Wednesday. Also we have a pep rally tomorrow so dress in our class color, red.

~Mac C.

  • Gameplan
  • SSR
  • Your Assessment
  • Central Idea p.53 (notes)

Now to go more in depth. First we read our SSR book for 20 minutes, read 10 pages for an AP, 15 for an P, and 20 for an AE. Next thing we did was Your Assessment. In this we see what the sample EAP essays got and compare them to ours. Edwards told us that its better to grade it the same or lower in our minds, so we are more harsher to our selves to produce better essays. Edwards also showed us some really bad ones, which were a 2 and a 1. After this, we had to do some busy work taking notes from this book “A Reader For College Writers” By Santi V. Buscelli. Before writing, she told us that people learn more when they listen, look, and teach the subject to someone else. So the topic we took notes on was the Central Idea, which had alot of information. If you didn’t take good notes, you should go back and get the book so you can improve them, as Edwards told us that she may have a quiz where she will allow you to use your notes, so like an Open Book quiz. Some other things that she told us is that she grades the blog assignments very quickly, as soon as they come in. Also you can check these on Aeries if your curious about your grade. 

~Mac C.

  • Gameplan
    • SSR
    • Recap
    • Intro EPT / AWPT
    • Intro EAP
      • Purpose
      • Rubric
    • Activity
      • Working The Rubric
    • HW – Blog assignment # 3

So now to go more in depth. First we did the usual, the twenty minute SSR. If you have forgotten, its 10 pages for an AP, 15 for a P, and 20 for an AE. Don’t forget that you can also read at home to complete your pages. Next we have a recap of what we did the last time we saw Edwards, the Monster. She went in depth and showed us too typed of voices, Description and Detail. Description is informal, meaning it can use slang words and can be however you want it. Also it is fiction, made to entertain, and includes lots of imagery, just like what we did for our monster portraits and description. Detail, on the other hand, is formal, its nonfiction (expository texts), used to inform and persuade, and needs evidence and support. All colleges care more for your detailed voice, and judge you based on that, such as when your writing essays, and doing your college admission paragraphs. Next we have the EPT and AWPT, which are tests to see show how well you do in english. EPT stands for English Placement Test, and AWPT stands for Aerial Work Platform Training (I looked on Google as Edwards said it too fast and I couldn’t pick it up, so this may not be correct.) Next, Edwards explained to us what the EAP was. EAP stands for early assessment program, and is used to see where you stand in english. But the purpose is far greater than that. All juniors have to take the EAP in April, in which you have 45 minutes to read through the prompt and answer it through a well-thought essay. This test is mandatory to get into an CSU or an UC, so its advised to pass this. Also by passing it now, you wont have to do it in college. Doing it in college isnt really the best choice, as instead of enjoying your summer after senior year, you need to take summer school, and spend lots of time and money towards it. Next we see the rubric for the EAP, which is located in the Handout’s section in the Ipolywordpress blog. Through this rubric, we can see which area’s the graders are grading us upon. This goes from a scale from 1-6, where 1 is considered “Incompetent,” and where 6 is “Superior”. Going off of rubrics, we find ourselves performing this activity. We got a handout of the rubric and were given packets of sample EAP essays. Using the rubric, we needed to grade each one through the six categories and number it from 1-6 based on the quality of the work. Our only homework is to finish our Blog Assignment #3, which is due at Friday, 8pm. The best thing that happened in Edwards class today is when she told us that we wouldn’t be working with literary devices for a while.

~Mac C.


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