G’day West House!

Today’s game plan:

  • SSR
  • “Pretty” Katie Makkai
  • Peer Review for November due at end of block.

Today, we started off with 20 minutes of SSR. We then moved on to watching “Pretty,” a very dramatic and great monologue by Katie Makkai. You can find the video along with the transcript on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6wJl37N9C0. Lastly, we finished off by writing the peer reviews for the November writing assignment. Mrs. Edwards postponed the performance of our monologues to the Monday we come back from break. This allows us to have time to revise and even re-write the whole monologue. If you’re not feeling confident in the subject matter of your monologue you are allowed to completely change it. Use the video of Katie Makkai for inspiration. Remember that you can read your monologue and you don’t have to memorize it but it can be memorized for extra credit. Mrs. Edwards will be tough on the grading when we perform as we should already know how to articulate our own words. Be confident when performing.  There is NO BLOG or Noredink this week. 


Navaroli: Debate

Edwards: Revise your November assignment as best as you can.

Hedman: All worksheets that have been done previously are due Tomorrow, the day of the test.

Hello Members of West House!

Today’s Game Plan was as follows:

  • SSR
  • POV Revisited
  • Pet Peeves
  • Roll the Dice Activity

Edwards: Noredink
Navaroli: Read 204-210, Questions 1-4
Hedman: Worksheet on Dividing Complex Numbers
Pang: Finish Lab

Today we started off with 20 minutes of SSR and after that we discussed the poems that we read yesterday (“My Last Duchess” and “Porphyria’s Lover” by Robert Browning). Then we talked about how important Point of View’s are because it can greatly change how the monologue sounds and is presented. Then we wrote three pet peeves of ours and shared out one. That leads us to the Roll the Dice activity: Edwards “rolled” the dice giving us different persona’s to write a monologue for. The persona’s included gender, age, location, and ethnicity in which we had 3 minutes to write.
Monologues! So this month’s assignment will be down before break. Next week we will be focusing on monologues so over the weekend think of what you want your monologue to be about. It must be a minimum of 250 words but there is a maximum of 500 words. The monologues will be due on Monday at 8 pm, they must be turned in on Turnitin. Remember do not put your name on your monologue because we will be Peer Reviewing on Wednesday and we will be preforming our monologues on Thursday. Remember you can read your monologue, you do not need to memorize it.

Sincerely Yours,


Hello again, Fellow Members of West House!

Today’s Game Plan was as follows:

  • SSR
  • Read p. 854-859 in Lit. Book
  • Answer all blue margin questions for both poems
  • Do questions 2 & 3 for both poems (p. 856 “My Last Duchess” and p. 859 for “Porphyria’s Lover”)

Edwards: Noredink due Friday at 8 pm
Navaroli: No homework (yet)
Hedman: Complete worksheet for Properties of Complex Numbers
Pang: The lab for Chemical rxn if you did not finish it during class.

Today in English we had a substitute, Edwards was at training along with other fellow English teachers. We started off the class with 20 minutes of SSR which was followed by reading the two poems assigned as class work. Both poems were written by Robert Browning and were about *spoilers* women. The assignments were to be turned on separate pieces of paper.

Noredink can help boost your grade if you’re a Borderline Kid! Do your homework! It’s good for grades!

Turn in your annotated notes and PAPA square for Edwards by Thursday, remember if the paper does not have a stamp it will not receive credit.

Remember to look in the bins for any work that you have turned in incase of it being marked as a missing assignment on Aries. The paper in the bins will be recycled by Paul when Edwards gives him the “go” which will be on Friday.

Sincerely yours,


Hello Fellow Members of West House!

Today’s game plan for Edwards was as follows

Game Plan:

  • SSR + Welcome Scribes (Hello there)
  • Admin Things
  • Monologue Intro
  • Monologue Activity

Today we had a Four Core rotation because of the fact that Veterans Day (Yay Vets!) is on Tuesday meaning we have the day off. Today we started with twenty minutes of SSR then followed by admin things. These admin things include the Noredink assignment being assigned and Edwards will be collecting the annotated notes and PAPA Square papers throughout this week. She would like if they be turned into her on Thursday (if you did not turn them into her today) however would recommend not to turn it into the Substitute we will have on Wednesday when Edwards will be at training. If these papers are not stamped they will Not receive credit.
Beware of Paul! Paul has been eyeing the bins in Edwards classroom full of papers for quite a while. These bins contain work that has handed in and not turned in electronically. So, Edwards recommends looking through these bins to take any papers that might be yours in case you need evidence that you did an assignment that has been marked missing. You do not have to look through the bins if you do not want to, however, Friday Edwards will be giving Paul permission to take the left over papers and recycle them. So to be safe, look through the bins!
Edwards introduced November’s writing topic, which is *drum roll* Monologues! For this month’s writing assignment, unlike the ones we have had before, we will be reading, writing and preforming our own monologues. We wrote in our notebooks about what monologues are and how monologues can be from different points of views. Then after that Edwards did a performance of a monologue she found at www.mcsweenys.net called “I’m Comic Sans. Asshole.” which can be found here http://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/im-comic-sans-asshole, be aware that this monologue does contain mature language. (:O)

Edwards- Homework this week is Noredink, there is No Blog Assignment for this week. There are only three people that do not have to do this assignment and they are Isaiah M, Karla, and Kim. However for the rest of us the assignment is due by Friday 8 pm. (Note, Borderline kids if you want to no longer be a Borderline kid in Edwards it is highly recommended that you do the Noredink Assignments because it can help boost your grade so you no longer have to be a Borderline kid!)
Navaroli- No homework! (Thank you, Cowboys!)
Hedman- Worksheet on Complex Numbers due on Wednesday
Pang- Chemical rxn II also due on Wednesday

Hey Best House!

The game plan was as follows:

  • SSR
  • Peer Review
  • Complete reflection
    • HW: Blog #10 (optional)
    • NoRedInk (due Friday 8pm)

Like always we started off the class with SSR, afterwards we answered some questions that made us reflect on how well we think we did on the proposal and what we learned while writing it. Once we finished writing our reflections we were free to get our laptops and work on the peer reviews in turnitin.com. We spent the rest of the class doing them, since they were due at the end of the block. Don’t forget to complete the noredink assignment and if you want extra credit don’t miss the blog #10 opportunity. That was it for today, have a nice rest of the week west house!

-Miriam L.

Hey Best House!

The game plan for today was pretty straight forward and simple.

  • SSR
  • Work on proposal
    • HW: Blog #10 (optional)
    • NoRedInk (Friday 8 pm)

After we finished SSR, Mrs. Edwards allowed us as much time as possible to get our proposals done. Everyone should have finished and turned it in to turnitin.com by the end of class. I hope none of you put your names on your proposal when you turned it in (even though I totally did). We will be doing peer reviews on turnitin just like last time.

Don’t forget to sign up to noredink if you haven’t already, and take the pretest. Blog #10 is also due on Friday at 8pm, but don’t stress too much about it since it is optional.

-Miriam L.

Hey West House!

Today the game plan was as follows:

  • SSR + Welcome Scribes
  • Noredink + Blog
  • Work on proposal
    • HW: Blog #10 (optional)
    • Noredink (Friday 8 pm)

After SSR, Mrs. Edwards introduced noredink.com to the class, which is a website for grammar instruction, so as Edwards said, “I hope you paid attention in elementary school.” The assignment is to create an account for noredink, and take a 50 question pretest. I know fifty questions sounds like a lot, but Edwards made a deal that I you score 90% or higher on the pretest, then you won’t have to do any further noredink assignments. If you do decide to do the assignments, then it will count for extra credit. For those of you who aren’t grammar wizards, and score lower than 90%, then all other assignments from noredink will be mandatory. You will also have an opportunity to get an AE or E if you get 50/50. “So don’t shoot yourself in the foot, and get it done.”

To sign up for the account:

  • Go to noredink.com
  • Click on student in the sign up section
  • Enter the class code in all lower case letters cf7waxaw

I’d also like to remind you that the proposal is due at the end of class on Wednesday on turnitin.com. You may upload your proposal before Wednesday if you’d like to. Also, remember that it does not have to be a typical five paragraph essay, write it in a format that best suits your audience (e.g. Letter, speech, pamphlet); it is completely up to you, but be as persuasive as possible.

Make sure the proposal includes:

  • References to the three health articles
  • Information from the survey
  • Any other research you may have made on your own

Mrs. Edwards is being generous with the extra credit. Blog assignment 10 is optional and counts for extra credit, and her daughter is selling Girl Scout nuts from 5-9 dollars.

-Miriam L.


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