Todays final game plan of the week was:

  • SSR
  • Debrief Lit circle
  • Intro to Projination

So we started today off by some reading time and after that we answered some debrief questions about our book. Then Mrs. Edwards introduced us to a new Projination we have to do, for this Projination we are going to create a trailer to advertise our book. Here is a rubric of what needs to be included un the trailer…

  • Title
  • Plot
  • Narration
  • Key Scene
  • Characters
  • Tag Line (EQ Question)
  • Reviews

Make sure you don’t PROCRASTINATE! Goodbye West House, my job here is done.

Today’s game plan was a simple one

  • SSR
  • Lit. Circle final discussion day

We had our final discussion day where we answered our EQ question we created along with the debrief question ‘Was the story relevant to today’s society? How and why?’. Then we are going to have some English tests coming up which are going to be fun! Also, tomorrow is a fun four core! Don’t forget to do your Newsela due Friday 8 pm. If you are unsure of what Newsela is then you can read my other post which explains everything.  Other than that today was a good day.

Hello West House, the game plan for today was explained to us and we now have a new online service! It’s called Newsela ( ) which is a website that tests us on our reading level and skill, DUE FRIDAY 8pm. Make sure to sign up as a STUDENT and our class code is PGDNZ. It’s VERY SIMPLE to do guys. Also, to make it easier on you guys, after you sign up, do not click ‘Get Started’ (exit out of that). Then you can go up and click Binder. Once you have done that, you can read the article. There are 5 questions and if you score 4/5 for the MAX lexile level, then you are eligible to receive an AE. One lexile lower is a P, though if you get 3/5 then you get a CR.

Other than that we had a normal day with SSR and a Lit. circle. NOREDINK DUE TOMORROW 7:30 AM. Friendly reminder, bring in some peanut butter!


Don’t forget about this one guys!

Read this article and write a paragraph whether or not you believe in it. Make sure to use the template we’ve been using!(:



Excuse my late post, I’m dealing with technical difficulties.

For the last two days in English, we have had our Literature Circles. First, we had our usual 30 minutes of SSR. Then, we had notes on our group novel ready to go and had 30 – 35 minutes of literature discussion. We did  some debriefing about what to do to make our discussions better and Ms.Edwards gave each group feed back on our Lit. discussions.  What each group in Literature Circle’s wants is to have a greater view of depth and focus in each discussion. There is a doc Ms.Edwards has posted that you can contribute to if you have any ideas on how to improve your group’s talk.

For those who did not get 80% or higher on the grammar quiz, do not forget to do the other assignment on before 8:30 Friday night. There is also the blog assignment due Friday as well and before 8 p.m.

Friday, wear all black to represent the Junior class.

Here’s your working doc for Focus and Depth. Feel free to add to it and be that much more wise and rich in your conversations.

2014 West House Literature Circle – Focus and Depth

Today’s Activities:

Twin Day tomorrow: Everyone where a black T-Shirt and denim jeans.


  • We finished the satirical genius of Dr. Strangelove where, *spoiler alert* everyone dies in the end.



  • Today we had writing workshop. There are 9 writing prompts to choose from and are at your disposal. (These prompts are not mandatory. If you want to see these promts ask Ms. Edwards for a copy.) Don’t forget when you are finished to submit your essay to
  • Mrs. Edwards presented us with a new concept today; grammar practice. Today we have to go to, make an account, and take a quiz.
  1. Sign up an make an account
  2. Click on student
  3. Enter the class code : 98wcc7wc                                 
  4. Make a username. You cannot use your first name or last name for privacy reasons, but when signing up for an account use your real name
  5. Don’t forget your password
  6. There will be a survey about your interests. This is to match them to your quiz so that you can have a test personalized for you
  • You must do Quiz #1 (30 Questions)  which ends at 7:30 am, March 25, 2014
  • Assignment #22 due by Friday 8pm
  • Don’t forget Wednesday is our first Lit. Circle. You must be caught up with your reading and have your notes ready to receive credit.
  • Extra Credit option: if you receive a P or higher on Quiz #1 and you want to do the assignments listed, those are available for more points.


  • pg. 640 (1 – 4)


  • Study. Tomorrow we have a quiz on Gas Laws.


  • Powder Puff Cheer Practice Mon/Wed @ 3 pm – 4:15 pm. ***Uniform $$$ DUE before Friday to Ingrid (North House)
  • Last of the Girl Scout cookies still available if the sophomores haven’t devoured them all yet


Read this article on sleep deprivation. Then follow the steps below.

Use Graff/Birkenstein’s They Say / I Say template to identify, pull apart, and respond to the article. Your response should be at least 250 words and should:

    1. Have a clever title properly capitalized.

    2. Use They Say / I Say template to fully develop both the author’s and the writer’s arguments.

    3. Accurately identify a central claim of the article.

    4. Appropriately lead into, blend, parenthetically cite, and discuss at least one quote or key fact / statistic from the article.

    5. Explain each quote and discuss your reaction to it (agree or disagree).

    6. Have concluding sentences.

Graff/Birkenstein’s They Say / I Say template:

Title: ______________________________

    The general argument made by author X in her/his work, _____________ , is that _____________. More specifically, X argues that ______________. She/he writes, “_______________________.” In this passage, X is suggesting that _________________. In conclusion, X’s belief is that _____________.

    In my view, X is wrong/right, because ___________________________. More specifically, I believe that _____________________________. For example, __________ ________________________________________. Although X might object that ___________________ , I maintain that ___________________________. Therefore, I conclude that _______________________________________________.


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