Hey West House,

I hope this week hasn’t gotten you too stressed out yet, if so just stay positive and smile!


  • Anyways, so in class today we started off with a great and peaceful 20 minutes of sustained silent reading, where our books let our mind imagine things and put us in a different world, unless you weren’t reading or just have a plain boring book then sorry! Get a better book next time maybe?

Materials Check

  • So after SSR we had a materials check so that Mrs. Edwards made sure you had the appropriate supplies for the year, and if you were eager enough to give Mrs. Edwards somethings on her wish list, then you got probably got yourself some extra points.

Literary Devices Quiz Returned

  • We received our quizzes today! It was so nerve racking just waiting to see what you got, some were smiling and fulled of joy and others weren’t too happy, but don’t be sad we will have another quiz later towards the end of the year to see what and how much we learned throughout the year. So NO frowns just smiles! If you achieved at least 75% on the quiz then you didn’t do bad, its the expectation Mrs. Edwards was looking for.


  • Mrs. Edwards talked about annotation today. Its a different way of writing notes. Everyone has learned a different way but this way is just another way she will teach us and if you think it doesn’t help you, stick to your form of writing notes, if not then this will be great for you!
  • Before the project began we asked to sit with our project groups. Mrs. Edwards did this so she could see how our group worked together, and how we as a group would turn to resolve things.
  • The first part of the project was to choose a song. Some groups easily agreed on a song as others couldn’t decide or communicate to what another person wanted.
  • We were also given a sheet with directions on what to do once we finished writing down all the lyrics to the song that was chosen by your group.
  • Once class was coming to an end we had to give the materials to Mrs. Edwards, unfortunately we weren’t able to take it home. Tomorrow we will have about 15 minutes or so to work on our annotation before we have to give a presentation.

Reminder HW

  • If you have yet to complete your homework, remember Blog #1 is due this Friday before 8pm.

Announcement (Extra Credit)

  • If you are looking for another way to earn extra credit, Mrs. Edwards has asked us to go to the “Save The Whales” presentation this Friday at lunch (I know we don’t have lunch Fridays but it could mean the time that lunch starts the presentation will begin). I will clarify it with Mrs. Edwards tomorrow and post it tomorrow. The presentation was said to be held in the MPR.

Fellow Procrastinators,

Today, was the first day we started SSR, it went on for about 25 minutes due to the fact that Mrs. Edwards had to write down our book name and what page in the book we left on. (So if you didn’t get to tell Mrs. Edwards what book you had, you should get to that).

  • Paul unexpectedly came to our class and attached a bar code number on the back of everyone’s iPoly ID. If you forgot your ID or have yet to receive one, you need to meet and talk to Paul about what exactly you need or are missing.
  • Scribe Sign ups. If you wanted to sign up to do this early all you had to do was tell her to reserve your spot and for the week you felt comfortable with.
  • Mrs. Edwards went over Intro blog #1. Even though the projector was down she still managed to guide us. In this intro blog she thoroughly explained how she wants us to write 4 goals we have for ourselves, don’t try and get by and put things you don’t plan on achieving this year. Be honest and not only let Mrs. Edwards help you, but also, help yourself improve so you can achieve your actual goals that may make future.
  • Steps To Write Your Intro Blog #1!
    • 1. Make sure you are on West House English (Link down Below)
    • 2. Under 2014 BLOG ASSIGNMENT #1
      • It will tell you what you need to do to complete this assignment, once you finish reading click on “Comment”
    • 3. Scroll down until you see “Leave A Reply”
      • From here on you just type in your assignment and “Post Comment” When you are done.

If you are scared you will lose something or just want to play safe. Do the assignment in a word document and save it, so it will reduce the chances of you losing anything.

  • Today we were also assigned Literature books, so if you did not receive one, talk to Mrs. Edwards and get yourself a book to leave at home.
  • We were surprised with a literary devices quiz. Mr. Hogan informed us that she was going to give us one, but everyone sort of forgot. Luckily Mrs. Edwards let us use are books all throughout the quiz, which made things way simpler. She also expected us to know about 75% of them as well, which put a bit of pressure.
  • Lastly we received HW. So the homework we had assigned to us is not due until Friday at 8pm, so relax but try no to procrastinate, as Edwards said if you are going to do it the day its due at least do it one hour early.
    • Not only that but we also have a materials check 2nd rotation.
    •  1) Something to write with – a pencil or pen (black or blue ink, please)
    • 2) Class notebook – for English use only
    • 3) Jump/flash drive (at least 1 GB)
    • 4) Your book/readings/SSR choice
    • 5) Crayons, colored pencils and/or markers (whichever you’re most comfortable with)
    • 6) Lined paper (college-ruled preferred)
    • 7) OPTIONAL BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: A student planner – to help you keep track of homework assignments and upcoming projects

In an articulate, thoughtful and conventionally correct paragraph, state your goals and/or intentions for English class this year.  Please be as honest as possible; I’d rather you be scathingly negative or painfully realistic than try to tell me what I want to hear and then sorely disappoint me and yourself in the end. Please attempt to address at least one of the 4 strands of English class (reading, writing, listening or speaking).


Hey iPoly-heads!

Today we had 4 core, so only 40 minutes with Mrs. Edwards :c We had 3 activities we could do: Sleep, do a quiet activity, or create a Summer homework assignment for incoming Juniors for extra credit, This assignment must somehow incorporate one of the 3 core themes we’ve done over the year (British Literature, Prometheus, and College to Career) and the 4 learning abilities (speak, listen, read, write). Be sure to make it EXTRA HARD to torture the upcoming Juniors, and since they’ll have their lit. books, you can incorporate those. The number of extra credit points is set at 8.

Anyways today you NEED to create a senior blog and send that to Mr.Purther’s email. That would be clay909@gmail.com. If he got it, he’ll reply thanks!

Tomorrow is senior presentations, DO NOT BE LATE. To find out your appropriate class and room, click on your name at http://ipolyhs.org/sps/?p=viewers&vis=11.


Special thank you to Iliana who helped me remember the stuff we talked about, because my phone died and deleted the note :/

Gooooooooooo West!

Game Plan

  • SSR: – Today is the last day for SSR and core english.
  • Announcements: – We will used class time today as house and to work on final presentations on


  • Homework: –  Work on College to Career portfolio.

Game Plan 

Announcements: – We have all been given a survey for our parents, to sample whether or not they will be willing to pay

for a summer enrichment program at iPoly. This is due on May 30, if you want to qualify for extra credit.

- Remember we have our final presentations on May 19th, which will result in a late start that day at 1:29

P.M. if you have a fourth block that day. If not report to your house teacher at 4:30 P.M. West house will

be graded by Mr. Hedman.

- Senior presentations will begin on May 21, so be sure to print out your schedule. All junior teachers DO

NOT know where you’ll be headed that day. So don’t ask. Also, be sure to BE ON TIME. To locate your

schedule, go online to ipolyhs.org.

Academic Resume: – You must complete this. This is going to go in College to Career portfolio. To locate the template, go to

the class blog under “Handouts”.

Today in Edwards class from 9:36 am to 11:02 am we… had SSR for 26 minutes and went over the Kiersey test.

There were even some announcements… 1. bring in your literature books this week if you want a P for it! if everyone brings it in our class first we get some extra credit.

2. Edwards is no longer checking out SSR books so if you have any at home please return them to her.

3. the CSTs are thursday for most of the day and if you miss it, you can retake it on friday.

4. The trailers are due on wednesday first block for her house to Mrs. Wonders. If you don’t have it on a flash drive, print out the link on a paper that has your group members name and house. If you have a flash drive make sure that it has names and houses on it.

5. Check out the class of 2015 blog. On the blog you will find the sign ups for the senior presentations. The sign ups start at 1:00 pm on tuesday and will end at midnight. If you do not sign up for a presentation, you will be assigned to one that doesn’t have many signups.

THE PERSONALITY TEST – We took the Keirsey Temperament Sorter which gave you an idea of what kind of personality you might have. after getting you’re results, you must read some packets and decide weather you agree or disagree with the outcome. From there you must also define the generic meaning of each character trait. The packets can be found on the handout section of blog.

thank you west house

спасибо запад дом.


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