Game Plan

  • SSR
  • worksheet review
  • worksheets (grammar)
    • ID-ing coordinating words/logical relationships
    • using transition/ semicolons
    • combining independent clauses

Howdy West house!

After we did our usual SSR, Ms. Edwards spend some time reviewing the worksheets that were given to us during our last block with her. If you feel like you could use some more practice on analyzing, Ms. Edwards has posted the worksheets in the handouts section on the class blog. When she was done with review, we were then given three worksheets to help us make complex sentences. The worksheets mainly focused on how to correlate different sentences and then using the correct transition words to connect the two.

Just as a reminder: Blog assignment #9 is up and running. As usual, it’s due on Friday at 8pm, but don’t wait until that day to do it.

Thanks for reading!

Have a fantastical week.

Game plan

  • SSR
  • Timed analyzing worksheets

Howdy West house!

Today after we did our usual SSR session, we got set a time limit on multiple worksheets to help us analyze the articles we received last week. First, we got a 15 minutes worksheet to help us see if we really knew some of the vocab words that were given throughout the articles. Then, we got 10 minutes to figure out the content and purpose of the “No Lunch Left Behind” article. After, 15 minutes were given to us so we may practice the ability to be given sentences to then convey them into a paragraph. We were then given the last 15 minutes of class to copy out quotes from the articles and answer questions about them. We had to figure out, not only, why the author chose to write what they wrote, but to then figure out why they chose certain words in order to get their point across.

Thanks for reading!

Have a fantastical week.

Read this article on the problems with the essay portion of the SATs. (Please note there are two pages to this article.) Then respond to it in a coherent paragraph. Some response starters are as follows:
• Evaluate the current SAT process based on evidence from this article.
• Propose a way in which the SAT’s evaluation of writing accurately judges an applicant’s writing ability.
• Based on this article, how prepared do you feel you are to take (or retake) the SAT’s writing portion? What
practice or instruction might you still need?

Game Plan

  • SSR
  • Reading Packet

Because of the PSAT on Wednesday we only had a 40 minute block. After SSR we spent the rest of the block working on the reading packet that is due on Monday.

  • SSR
  • Types of Evidence
  • Reflection
  • Begin Reading Packet and Notes


For the types of evidence we filled out the second colume from the worksheet from Forks Over Knifes. The worksheet we used for identifying the different types of evidence is on the blog under handouts. The reflection question that we answered on the back of the worksheet (or on a separate paper if there was writing on the back) was “What is the most effective approach to convince your audience of your position on an issue? Explain.”

The reading packet is due Monday. You must PAPA Square all three articles and either margin note or evidence chart every page. If you do margin notes you need to have at least 5 per page and if you use and evidence chart you need at least 3 per page. The worksheet for margin noting is on the blog under handouts.

Turn in your essay if you want more feedback.

Game Plan

  • SSR
  • Admin Stuff
    • Turnitin & Final Essay
    • PSAT
    • Blog Protocol
  • Clock Buddies
  • Types of Evidence(?)

Hi West House!

If you did not finish doing your peer reviews or self assessment on turnitin because of you were busy let Ms. Edwards know so you do not get a zero for the assignment. If you did not get two reviews  or you did not get that well of input on your essay, print it and give it to Ms. Edwards by Wednesday with ONLY your ID number without your name on it. If the review(s) on your essay was bad or amazing let Ms. Edwards know so that person can get their grade fixed. If you want extra credit you can peer review the printed out essays that need to be reviewed.

The schedule for this week is different because of the PSAT.

Monday: History, English, Math, Lunch, then your forth block

Tuesday:Science, History, Elective, Lunch, then your forth block

Wednesday: the first two blocks we have the PSAT, House, Lunch, then your forth block

Thursday:  English, Math, Science, Lunch, then your forth block

Friday: 4-core rotation

We will be having 40 minutes of SSR on Friday so be sure to have your book and to have a PSAT approved calculator.

If you use a prompt that is on the blog be sure to type the question that you are using.

We had a worksheet that had a line next to every hour. There was a rotation path that we had to follow and every time we moved we would put the name of the person we sat next to next to the hour that we just finished.

We will do types of evidence on Wednesday since we did not have time in class today.

-Kiley M.


This week, you will read two articles about poverty – one from the Los Angeles Times and the other from USA Today. Here are possible response topics:

  • Share your thoughts about the income gap. Do you believe it exists? If so, what can be done to close the gap?
  • The first article lists two possible causes for the income gap (falling taxes for the rich and tax havens). What are other possible causes? Research and share other causes.
  • What can you do as a student to ensure that in the future you won’t be oppressed by this gap?
  • Select any passage and respond to it.

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