Game Plan:

  • SSR + welcome scribes (that’s me ^_^)
  • Finish introduction notes (p.155-162) in notebook
  • Take notes on Conclusions (p.162-172) in notebook
  • Do “Practice Writing Introductions” (p.172-174) Choose 3; Label and write a paragraph.

Hey there West House,

So today we stared with SSR as normal, however remember that since the month of September is coming to an end that you’ll need to start a new book if you already haven’t.  Today was more “busy work” in the book, what you had to do today was take notes on writing introductions and conclusions for an essay/paragraph. There are nine ways to introduce and eight ways to conclude a paragraph. Be sure to study your notebook and have taken good notes because Wednesday we will have the in class essay assignment and while it will be closed book it will be open note book. After taking notes there was practice work on how to write a paragraph using a topic and several methods for the introduction. Be sure to ask Mrs. Edwards if you can borrow the book to read from pages 155-172. Most of it is self explanatory but it helps in case you don’t understand a specific method. Take care ponies, and do your homework.

This week’s blog assignment involves two articles, one written fifty years ago and the other written last year.

Read Six Dead After Church Bombing.

Then read Dead girls and the lives they might have lived.

Respond to both articles in a coherent paragraph. Some response starters are as follows:

  • Explain the differences in the authors’ purposes in the two articles.
  • Has there been a significant change when it comes to equality in America in the last 50 years? Explain using evidence from both articles.

Hello Fellow Dreamers of West House,

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Finish CW Development notes Pg. 121-133
  • Finish all discussion questions for the essay of your choice ( Pg. 135, Pg. 138, or Pg. 141)
  • Read Pg. 155-162 and take notes on Introduction
  • Go to Pg. 172-174, choose three topics and label them correctly on a separate sheet of paper
  • HW: Blog assignment #5 by Friday at 8pm

Today we continued on from our look on development, from our loyal companion “A reader for college writers.” The class began with SSR and carried on from progress on yesterday’s classwork to written notes. For the block, we began on readings about how to form a favorable introduction when writing an essay. Always take into consideration that your audience needs to be given a prior topic that’s accompanied by supportive evidence and details. Also, don’t forget about our first in-class essay next Wednesday, bring your notes to use.

P.S. Good luck crashing classes Young Scholars!!!

Hello fellow Dreamers of West House, Game Plan for Today

  • SSR
  • Finish Unity & Coherence Classwork: Pg. 105-107 (#1-4) OR Pg. 109-110 (#1-6)
  • CW Development pg.121-133 (Notes)
  • Choose one of the following essays (answer ALL Discussion questions):  Pg. 135,  Pg. 138, Pg.141
  • Also NEXT WEDNESDAY, we will be having our first IN CLASS ESSAY!!!!

For today the class transferred to reading about the qualities of development in writing and how it brings greater feedback and clarification to your audience. Stating your opinions in any writing prompt must be delivered with clarity, a well rounded perspective and possibly recognition to opposing sides. This additional input of reformation can increase an author’s chances of captivating the audience.  Like everyday we began with peaceful SSR and a few words from Mrs. Edwards on where our progress should be from novels started in august. In other words, for the sake of reading one book a month, any novel started in august must be close to finished within the next week or so. Also, as a revisitation to the benefits of Blog Assignments, it is important that the class receive these tasks as consistent feedback from Mrs. Edwards on the progress of their writing. A highly recommended method to producing a well developed Blog entry can be accomplished  through a weeklong routine of recognition. On Monday, read the article for exposition to understanding, Tuesday take notes on the story, Wednesday write a rough draft paragraph , Thursday read the rough draft out loud to yourself, and on Friday write and post final entry. The PAPA square previously disscussed in class should prove significantly effective in how the students should direct their writing for the best audience support.

Hello fellow Dreamers of West House,

First, let us give a big kiss goodbye to the Summer season because it is officially the first day of Autumn!!!! Come forth chill weather and bless us with shivering wind to cool us off from the unforgiving sauna.

Game plan:


•CW – Unity and Coherence pg. 89-101 (Notes)

•Read pg. 105-107 & do #1-4 OR pg. 109-110 & do #1-6

HW: Blog assignment #5 due Friday @8pm

Anyway, despite the change of season this day has developed into a simplistic routine, with little change in pace. We began with SSR as usual and briefly observed our progress in the year so far. As it turns out we are a tiny bit behind schedule in our lesson plans over writing for the semester. So therefore, we engaged ourselves in assigned reading with our best friend, “A Reader for College Writers.” This reading provided us with an in depth understanding of unity and coherence. We then found that a unified essay consists of logical transition words, supportive details, and a solid main idea to accompany the structure of your statement. As a class we are still continuing to analyze the “perfect essay,”  but organization, unity, and pace will remain as a primary focus for now.

Read this article on the mentally ill. Then respond to it in a coherent paragraph. Some response starters are as follows:

  • Explain the need for finding an alternative solution to sentencing a mentally ill person to jail time.
  • What factors make it difficult to solve this complex situation?
  • What information should judges like Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz take into account when sentencing the mentally ill?
  • Propose an alternative solution to this problem or defend the current mode of processing disturbed people who break the law


Just to recap what we did in class today, here is the game plan from today.

  • SSR
  • Work the Square
  • Share Out

We did SSR like we do everyday and after SSR Mrs. Edwards talked about what we were doing in house tomorrow and a little about second semester. Tomorrow in House they will be collecting the materials list, so be prepared. We then continued Working the Square for most of the block then did a share out at the end of the class.


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