I chose to begin our year together with this article because I felt it was apropos to your current situation as seniors. Perhaps you’re not at that final stage of graduation yet, but frequent introspection and reflection is always good for the soul. Also, I believe passion is a compelling incentive to do well in life, so the earlier you start to identify your passion, the closer you are to success.

Prompt: In the article, Duckworth links to another piece about “eulogy values”. What do you believe are your eulogy values?

Thursday- May, 19 2016

Hello West House! I am back to scribe… I would have done earlier days, but I was not granted access so I will do the previous two days to cover my absence. I hope you guys are having a good day. Now on to what we did this week.


  • CAASPP Testing


Most people did not finish the English portion last week, so in class we continued the English activity section. That is all for Monday.


  • SSR
  • Prep for Senior Presentations
  • Component 5 Work


Edwards made SSR optional to do, after the North House uproar, and people who opt. out of SSR will not be given a grade for the month of May. Make sure to fill the schedule for next week, for senior presentations. Component 5 is also due on tomorrow so continue working.


  • College Presentation


We had a great presentation about college, by Lauren and Dr.Burney. The power point presentation is on the main page of this blog, if you want to check it out. Lauren and her mother, described many aspects of college, and if you missed it you should check it out. Alex Falk also has a doc posted for anyone interested in coordinating the blood drive next year, link on the main page. Lastly, work on component 5. That is all for the week. Goodbye!


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Today in class we took the performance task for English on poetry. This test is used for Cal states in order to determine whether or not you need to take remedial English in college. Mrs. Edwards prepared us to take this exam by following the scripted lesson that was taught on Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Today in class, Mrs. Edwards described what the performance task for English will be like. All the teachers that are facilitating the CAASPP test were given a scripted lesson for them to teach to the class. Luckily, the lesson that she had to teach us was about poetry. There was an activity in the lesson that asked us to distinguish what makes up a poem. After she completed the scripted lesson, we had some free time to do whatever we wanted.

Edwards Class

Thursday, May 5

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.44.42 PM.png

In Class:

Today we had SSW for 2o minutes, and then turned in our stamp sheet. If you forgot to bring your stamp sheet, you still have the rest of the school year to turn it in. After SSW, we finished watching Dead Poet’s Society. Then we had recitation makeups, for those who have not recited their poems yet. After recitations, we were introduced to the Component 5 museum piece.

For the museum we need to make a Math, History, and English artifact. For the English artifact you need to create a found poem by using a ripped page from the Literature book. You can’t use a poem that is already in the book, table of contents, or index. Here is the video Edwards showed us in class to create a found poem:



  • Make your found poem “uniquely you”
  • Go to Pinterest and look up “found poetry” to get inspiration
  • Use a Sharpie because the Literature book pages are glossy
  • Find the words first, then draw the picture

The artifact will be judged on the poem found on the page. You also need to make a QR code of your personal blog, and place it somewhere on your artifact. It’s due Friday, May 20th.

On Monday May 23rd, all extra credit is due. Turning in your Literature book is not mandatory, but you will get extra credit if you turn it in by May 23rd.

CAASP testing is next week on Monday (Math) and Wednesday (English).

8-10 ( Monday and Wednesday): Resting

10-12 (Monday and Wednesday): Testing

Here is the link to the Class of 2017 Mini Awards where the winners will be recognized at the final pep rally on May 27th: http://goo.gl/forms/8C4sajcKFR


Chemistry: Half Reaction Method Worksheet and Battery Model if you are not taking the written test is due next Friday
Math: Worksheet