Blog Assignment #19

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are enjoying “Pride and Prejudice” and its drama. For this week’s blog assignment, I decided to put a modern and fun twist to its prompt. Throughout our read and watch of Jane Austen’s classic, many of the female characters have played the piano, as one of the major instruments of the time era. We have enjoyed their well rehearsed dances of the time as well. These artistic elements of the story have done more than indicate the time period, I believe they have also served as storytellers.  Today, our music tells stories, expresses feelings, and other reflections; much of what the characters of “Pride and Prejudice” have revealed too.

Answer the prompt and read the article, “Music: It’s in your head, changing your brain” to support your answer.

Prompt: What role do you think music takes in “Pride and Prejudice?” Does it have an effect to any of the novel’s plot events? If Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy knew of the music we have today, which songs do you think they would relate their feelings with? Why?

January 19, 2017

Hey West house, this is what we did in class today 

Daly: He talked about him leaving us and going to the 10th graders, then we were given time to work on our presentation after that we presented our presentations. Two groups went, Sage’s group and Matthew’s group. 

Holt: We worked on part 2 of the lab with slope angles and calculating force friction. 

Edwards: She collected the SSW stamp sheets, it’s not too late to do SSW make ups till the end of the year 13/16 stamps is all your need for a B. You need 16 stamps for a A. 16 stamps + English notebook = A+ (Table of Contents needs to correlate with pages in english notebook) if you don’t have the correct writing types then you’ll get the 0. After that she stamped the homework, the literature circle sheet and we continued to watch the video. 


Read pride and prejudice chapters 44-52 and the 5th literature circle sheet and the blog assignment. 

Holt worksheets (2 Labs and the worksheet)


Go to Library 1st block. Check your emails. Bring Laptop if you need to.

Pep Rally Tomorrow! 

January 18, 2017

Hey West House, this is what happened in class today

Holt: took some simple notes (refer to photo below) We did a lab activity measuring Friction (refer to photo below)

Edwards: We started the block off with 20 minutes of SSR as usual. She came around and stamped the 3rd literature circle and we proceed to continue the film Pride and Prejudice the BBC version. If you want the A just turn in all of your stamps if you want an A+ you turn in all of your stamps and your notebook to prove that you did the 3 narrative types 6 times.

Piggot: Test


Physics: read p.57  1-5

English: Read Chapter 35-43 of Pride and Prejudice, Literature Circle paper (P.S. This will be your 4th one), Blog Assignment #18  , Bring stamp sheet tomorrow

Math: None 🙂

Government: The court case research sheet/ presentation.

P. S. Apparently we aren’t going to have Daly anymore and we are going to have La Russa now.

Blog Assignment #18

Hello West House! For this week’s blog I found an article/ video that semi relates to Pride and Prejudice (the book we are reading in class) but not completely.

Prompt: Please watch the video or read the questions and answer the questions (no peeking at the answers). Determine how many you get right/ or wrong. Talk about how you felt when you were getting them right or wrong, whether or not your self esteem went down or up, whether or not you felt like an idiot while watching the video. Then determine whether or not you can relate to other students feelings.

Hey West House. Here’s a recap of what we did today:


• Finished reading Chapter 8’s assessment questions

• Took his quiz


• Went over some lessons about motion and force

• Gave us a worksheet to finish up on force



• Stamped 2nd Lit. Circle Sheet

• Continued watching the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice

• Don’t forget to read Ch. 22-34

Have a great three day weekend!

Hello West House. Here is what we did today.


• Took his astronomy quiz



• She stamped the homework sheet for Pride and Prejudice

• Watched a BBC documentary about Pride and Prejudice. We could have watched the Hollywood version but Edwards felt that the BBC version was a more accurate portrayal to the events that happened in the story. This BBC version also has six episodes, that are one hour long.

The way Edwards wants to do it is have us read the book and then watch the film, then read the book, then watch the film the next time we have her.

Also, prepare for some sort of activity when she assigns us homework chapters to read.

Tonights homework is to read chapters (13-21)


• Went over the previous night’s homework

•Don’t forget to do the next homework assignment. The test is next week

Blog Assignment #17

Good afternoon West House. For this week’s blog assignment, I’d like to bring up a huge problem we face in our society. Fake news.

For as long as we have used it, the internet has been a constant flow of new information, rapidly consumed by the masses each day. This digital age that we have evolved towards has increased the rate of consumption of media and changed the way we perceive it. Aside from all the advantages that this produces, it also comes with some disadvantages as well.

These disadvantages that I’m talking about is the widespread plague of misinformation through media, articles, and videos. Though many have expressed concern over this growing problem, it has all fallen on deaf ears, and no one has done anything about it, up until recently.

News sites all around the world have grown greedier and greedier when it comes to views for profit. Thus, the growing epidemic of people resorting to Clickbait to increase the chances of someone clicking onto their website to gain more revenue.

Now, here is an article about fake news, and how to keep yourself protected:

Here is an article about Google and Facebook taking arms against fake news:

Here are a couple of questions to consider thinking about when you writing up your response. Only choose one and their respective follow-up questions.

Have you ever fallen victim to a fake news article or video before?

  1. If you’ve realized your mistake, did you catch it in time before sharing it on social media?
  2. If it was a school project or research paper, did you fix it before turning it in? How have you learned from this mistake?

In what ways does this impact our society and the people around us?

  1. Do you think this might have turned the tide of this year’s election through the rampant flood of (mis)information on both candidates?
  2. What about business/celebrities/products etc? You can choose to talk about either (#1 and about the election, or #2 and about people/products)

How important is it for company to stand up against fake media by doing something about it? 

  1. Talk about the influence/impact companies like Facebook and Google have when taking arms against fake news.

• In what ways can we prevent fake news from spreading again in the future?

  1. What can the common individual do to protect themselves from this wave of misinformation? What can companies and news sites do as an alternative to make revenue if they can no longer rely on clickbait for clicks?