• Continue Personal Expression share-outs


  • SSR
  • Finished 1-Minute speeches
  • Tuesday and Wednesday will be 10 min dress rehearsals for Capstone Topic
    • Tuesday “presentations” will be 1st and 2nd block
    • Wednesday “presentations” will be 1st through 3rd block
    • West House will be assessed by Mr. Anya
  • Work block for presentation

Note: Paul will be pulling out students one by one to record a 30 second “Thank You” speech which will be played at graduation during Tuesday and Wednesday.


  • Continued Day 3 of LIFE Simulation
    • Students were allowed to work on Bill Nye Video if Day 3 of LIFE was completed photo.jpg



  • CNN 10
  • PowerPoint on Automobile maintenance
  • Work on Stock Market Game and/or the Marketing Project


  • Share-Outs for Personal Expression


  • SSR
  • 1 – Minute Speeches on Capstone Topic
  • Announcements
    • Capstone sign-ups begin on May 22nd @ 1 p.m.
    • SSR for the month of May will have 65 points instead of the usual 40 due to the removal of SSW
  • Work block for Senior Responsibilities


Due Dates:

  • Blog #35 due Friday @ 9
  • Bill Nye Video due third rotation
  • Marketing Project due third rotationtumblr_mkmwoqEP4Y1rjhbn2o1_250.gif

Blog #35

Hello, West House! It’s Manuel again, but this time I remembered to upload a blog. I wanted to give you guys a really REALLY REALLY easy blog (in theory).

Over the course of a year, we’ve been replying to these peer-created blog assignments. Some of us put an effort in these assignments, some didn’t. Others still don’t know they exist. Nonetheless, for the individuals who usually complete their blog assignments, there are usually pieces that they are personally proud or fond of.

Prompt: What was your favorite blog assignments that you have written (in senior year)? What made it your favorite? If you don’t have a favorite or if you hated every single blog you wrote this year, explain why.  fa289fae2e45baea3ec39aea5af2a4a0.jpg

May 15, 2017



  • Watched CNN 10
  • Worked on Stock Market
  • Watched Drunk History



  • Went over Waves quiz
  • Given a packet to review Unit Test on Thursday



  • SSR
  • 1 – minute topic speeches
  • Worked on responsibilities