October 24, 2016

  1. SSR started off the class like usual.
  2. Writing work shop papers got collected.
  3. Mrs. Edwards discussed with us the mid-semester grades are coming out soon.
  4. The Mars project was discussed in more detail regarding the three rubrics are now available for us on the class blog for the writing portion, resume, and presentation.
  5. The majority of the block was a designated work block for the Seven Deadly Sins project. The Media portion will be due on second rotation (Wednesday).
  6.  Don’t forget it is the last week for October SSR.

Blog Assignment #9

Hola West House, it’s Mark and I will be the scribe for this week.

In class for about the past week the Seven Deadly Sins has been the topic of the classroom and we even have a project based on it. I have found a video that goes over all seven sins. For this weeks blog assignment you will be watching What are The Seven Deadly Sins. The seven sins hold slightly different meaning for certain eras. Each of the individual sins give people guide lines on what not to do in their lives to avoid damnation or an unhealthy life. After watching the video please write about which sin you feel is the worst and how it effects your own life in any way.

October 20, 2016


  • SSW
  • Don’t forget about the blog assignment due today, and PBA due tomorrow no late work
    • If you wish to use an IOU for the PBA you must tell Mrs. Edwards before the due date (aka before tomorrow) so email her tonight at the latest
  • PBA proof that you did the writing workshop process is going to be collected Monday
    • you can share your work with Mrs. Edwards via google doc as proof
  • 7 deadly sins
  • WARNING- Mid Semester grades are coming up, October 31 they are due 
  • SSR
    • there are 5 SSR days left, the 50 point grading scale might be adjusted due to the days we lost


  • Presentations on the Habitat project
    • one more group has to go next week


  • Keep up with reading the chapters our test is around the corner


  • Quiz tomorrow

TOMORROW IS FRIDAY yay. One more day! -Sam


October 19, 2016


  • Today in class we did SSW and came up with some helpful SSW tips to consider
    • Write as you’re thinking saves time
    • Word association, your writing doesn’t have to be perfect given the fact that it isn’t being graded on content
    • Create goals for yourself as you’re writing when it comes to writing length
    • Connect the prompts or whatever you wish to write about, back to personal experiences
    • Create your own font or writing style to help your hand keep up with your brain
  • 7 deadly sins presentation was pushed back🙂 It is now due next Wed. October 26 the same day as Hub
    • please keep the presentations between the 4-7 minute mark
    • There is a doc set up with everyone’s sin and the listed information required. Each group is going in and filling out their personal information for everyone to have access 
  • Today was a work day
    • sitting in Mars groups we had a choice to work on the deadly sins or habitat work
    • PBA!!!!!!! Don’t forget 


  • Today we took the quiz. As always the wonderful gift of retakes are  going to be available in the days coming
  • Habitat presentations are due tomorrow, keep in mind this is an informal presentation. Know your information and have research completed but no need to stress


  • Review game the winner got extra credit points
  • Friday we have a quiz 


Almost to the weekend guys. YOU CAN DO IT- Sam


October 17, 2016


  • Blog assignment #8 please don’t forget guys
  • Mr. West came for a visit today
    • Make sure to match your personal Naviance account with your Common App (Mr. West will start calling parents to make sure accounts are being matched)
      • He also gave us some advice about college. Don’t let the cost of college intimidate you from applying to reach schools. Just because a certain school seems out of reach at the moment doesn’t mean later down the road that college is do able
      • SCHOLARSHIPS!!!! Apply to them no matter how time consuming they may seem. A simply search will come up with all kinds of scholarships just waiting for people to apply. Ipoly offers scholarships a total of four, for the moment being we have details on two of them. 1– a $300 PTSA scholarship where you need to write an essay (along the lines of a personal statement) 2- PTSA $300 scholarship writing an essay about your senior project. 
      • Word of caution regarding letters of recommendation. Make sure to have someone write you a letter that truly knows you as a person, past just your academic achievements.
  • Deadly 7 sins Presentation
    • Due this Thursday, make sure to have all the content needed as stated in the packet
  • PBA!!! 
    • Due this Friday 7pm. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. Turnitin log in is 13664054, password Berkeley  


  • Quiz this Wednesday, his blog goes step by step if you’re having trouble with the problems Holts blog
    • also tutoring is available with Holt upon scheduling a meeting or  with Cal Poly students in the computer lab tomorrow during fourth block
  • Habitat presentation on Thursday, be prepared to explain your groups plans in depth. Mr. Holt will ask questions so be ready


    • 3.7 worksheet 21-97 every other odd and 99-113 odds only
    • Chapter 3 Review 1-8, 24-28, 30-60, 63-77, 79-82, 93-117

A lot going on this week but we got this guys. Work hard and stay positive everyone- Sam

Blog Assignment #8


Hello West House! It’s Sam and I am going to be the scribe for this week🙂

October seems to be giving off a very stressful vibe so I decided to pick a video on the less academic side.

Please watch  the video for this week  ” Why Kanye is the Most Important Philosopher of Our Time.” Music and the Media are all around us influencing us whether we like it or not. Musicians specifically use their lyrics to express their personal views. Artist have large amounts of fans listening to their lyrics and sometimes living by them. Kanye West arguably has the largest influence because of his extensive fan base.

Prompt: Should these people with such large platforms express their personal views on society? Does your favorite musician influence the way you think or even see the world? (please note this blog isn’t focused on your personal feelings about Kanye)

October 14, 2016


Mr. West:

  • Mr. West will be coming in 1st rotation of next week to discuss Naviance

7 Deadly Sins Mini Unit:


Each group was assigned one of the 7 deadly sins to research and present

Each group was presented with a packet containing what is required in the presentation as well as information about the group’s assigned sin.

The 7 Deadly Sins: Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth.

-Today and next Wednesday are the only opportunities to work on it during class

-Presentations are Thursday the 20th

English HW:

-The PBA (Final due date is Friday the 21st)

-7 Deadly Sins Mini Unit (Presentation is Thursday the 20th)




-We started off by watching CNN Student News

-Went over Chapter 3 Sections 1-3 (Which were longer than Daly expected them to be)

-Ended class by watching Craig from CrashCourse explain Federalism

Since we didn’t finish the episode, I have placed it here for you to watch if you are interested in finishing the video


Government/Economics HW:

-Chapter 3 Section 4 Notes



Rotation Schedule Next Week:

1st Rotation: Review, practice, and Kahoot

2nd Rotation: Verticle and Horizontal Projectile Quiz

3rd Rotation: Mars Group Module Presentation

Things to Know for The Module Presentation

  • Research: What is NASA doing? How is NASA doing it?
  • People Calculations: What is required to keep people alive in your module? Ex. How much oxygen is needed per person, how much food, etc… (35 people per module)
  • Design: A design of your module must be shown. Ex. Drawing, poster, online presentation, etc…


NOTE: If you are having trouble with projector problem, the presentation Mr. Holt showed during class will be available here as soon as he posts it.

Physics HW:

-Study for the Quiz



We had a sub in Piggot’s class today

We were given a new worksheet which will be due Tuesday the 18th along with homework that was assigned on Wednesday the 12th

Math HW:

-New Packet #1-8, #24-28, #30-60, #63-77, #79-82, and #93-117



That’s it for me this week! Have a great weekend everybody!🙂