February 22, 2017

For first rotation this week we read for 20 minutes as usual and then announcements on Projination were made and for the rest of the block we worked in our groups.

Game plan

  • SSR
  • Projination
    • Projination is due Feb 27. we will be presenting and viewing each others video’s on Monday
    • A completed script for your Projination video will be due tomorrow at the end of the block
    • Edward’s warns against reading off of slides and recommends embellishing with more info than what is written on the screen   
  • Reminders
    • Fill out surveys
    • Holt’s science experiment/ lab report is due this Friday 1st block
    • Return History books if you have not done so
    • Physics Hw
    • Holt’s roller coaster video is due next Friday

Blog Assignment #23

Hey guys, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, I will be in charge of scribing for this week. Since we hear so much about politics as of late, I decided to include an interesting video on how film reflects societal fear which discusses a bit about American politics. I also included an article on the role films have in society and while the entire article is a good read the Q and A section discuss society in depth. After reading the article and viewing the video answer this question.

“In what ways do you see media such as television and film reflect our current society and its issues”?

What Are We Afraid Of ? Societal Fears Reflected in Film

The Role of Film in Society


  • Math test on Tuesday
  • Return history books if you have not already done so


February 16, 2017

Today in class we:


  • Worked on our Oak Grove City High School simulation project
    • presentation due on Tuesday


  • Took notes on momentum
  • Got time at the end of class to continue working on rollercoasters


  • SSW
  • worked on projination
    • Mrs. Edwards deemed it necessary to remind us that when she gives us time to work in her class we should work exclusively on English, not physics or math or anything else. If we continue to waste her class time doing work from other classes she may change the due date for the projination.


February 13, 2017

Hi West House, here’s what we did in class today:


  • Took some brief notes on Opportunity Cost and Trade-Offs, which is Chapter 1 Section 2 of our textbooks
  • Worked on our Oak Grove City High School simulation project
    • completed charts and made a list of our top five restaurant choices, which was due by the end of class


  • Turned in our rollercoasters
  • Discussed quiz answers
    • Note: So many of us failed the quiz that the entire senior class will be retaking it next rotation. However, if you are satisfied with your grade, the retake is not mandatory.
  • Worked on the other parts of the roller coaster project, like calculating Gs and recording


  • SSR
  • Admin Things:
    • discussed next week’s schedule after the four-day weekend, which is on Mrs. Edwards’ board
    • We will be going to see a stage production of Pride & Prejudice at Cal Poly sometime in the near future
    • Mrs. Edwards & Ms. Hernandez will not be grading our narratives until the end of the week. If you would like for either Mrs. Edwards or Ms. Hernandez specifically to grade your narrative you must ask
  • Intro to Pride & Prejudice “Projination”

Blog Assignment #22

For this week’s blog assignment I wanted to do something slightly controversial, not because I intend to start any conflict but because I am genuinely curious about your guys’ stance on this topic. I know you’re all probably tired of reading about President Trump but bear with me, please. Since the beginning of his contentious campaign, people have made the comparison of his strategies (ie. sexism, extreme nationalism, scapegoating minorities, etc.) to that of Adolf Hitler. While some argue that this comparison is completely outrageous, others believe that there is reasonable evidence to support it. So I have two different articles that represent both sides of this debate.

A WWII Refugee Explains Why Donald Trump Is No Hitler & What Germans really think about those Hitler-Donald Trump comparisons

(Here are more sources if you’d like, they’re not formal articles nor are they mandatory to read: “Trump isn’t like Hitler, y’all are over dramatic” & THIS HITLER NONSENSE … )

Read them and discuss whether or not you think it’s okay to compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler and why or why not. If your viewpoint contrasts someone else’s please be civil and fair-minded.

February 8th, 2017


  • Holt– Work on roller coaster, kahoot on forces, study for quiz
  • Edwards– SSR and last official day of writing work shop
  • Piggot– Extra practice on mathematical induction


Hey again West House! I hope that all of your guys’ week is turning out as you expected or even better.

As most of you may know, there was an incident during fourth block on campus that was quite out of the ordinary for I-Poly but as the senior class we must set an example and not spread rumors or speak negatively about the subject. If you hear anyone speaking poorly about what happened, it is best to remove yourself from the situation and carry on with your day.

(Holt) Our day began in Holt’s class where we solved a couple of centripetal force problems. After that we played kahoot as we always do the rotation before a quiz. After reviewing the kahoot answers, we then worked on our roller coasters and confirmed that they are due Monday the thirteenth.

(Edwards) As usual our class started off with 20 minutes of SSR and then transitioned to a short lecture reminding us to be respectful of other people’s privacy and to not spread rumors. We then worked on our final, official writing workshop. We will work on our narratives again third rotation, but this will not be for a grade.

(Piggot) In Piggot’s class we reviewed our homework from the previous rotation, tried to find a date for Andre (no luck as usual :/), and received our new homework that will be due Friday, third rotation.

Curious as to how certain plants can have such complex structures? Check out this article on how plant tissues have a sense of direction. https://elifesciences.org/content/6/e20156