September 29, 2016






  1. If you need a make-up quiz you will have another opportunity tomorrow, but you will not have a partner.
  • Before school or after school
  1. “It is highly recommended that you do evidence logs for 13th warrior, and Heart of Darkness…. For the PBA you have to include evidence from two separate texts. You cannot just pull information out of one text such as Beowulf. You have to have evidence from MAJOR text, BLOG assignment, but a FILM will not count as evidence.” – Edwards
  2. PBA essay is 30% of our grades.

Due either:

– Thursday 9pm next week or the following Monday 9:00pm (depends on the writing                process next week)

  1. Mid semester grades are due soon
  2. PORs must be a paragraph long (quality over quantity)
  3. You do not have to write Mrs. Edward’s SSW’s prompts; you may write your own as long as you indicate why kind of essay it is. (Narrative, Argumentative, Informative)
  4. Be sure to refer to other people’s comments when you are doing blog assignments.
  5. Final SSR points are up today, so make sure to check points and complete PORs.

September 28,2016


  1. SSR
  2. Section 2 & 3 quiz



1.Today is the last day for SSR

2.Be sure to do PORs if you are in need of SSR points (due Thursday 9:00pm)



  1. Turn in Blog Assignment #5 by 9:00pm tomorrow


  1. Work on PBA draft (not mandatory)
  • “Next week Ms. Hernandez is going to be here helping in the class. It would just be useful to have so that Ms. Hernandez can help you.” – Edwards
  • Be sure to have signed up for the drop box to turn in the final draft of the PBA at a future date.


Turnitin Info

ID (13664054)

Password : Berkeley


Other Classes:

-Daly’s 7 minute presentation is tomorrow !


September 26, 2016


Game Plan:

  1. First we started off with SSR
  2. Admin things
  • POR due Thursday at 9:00
  • Mrs. Edwards could possibly be out for 30 days (not consecutive)
  • PBA writing workshop is starting next week and Ms. Hernandez will be there to lend a hand in writing.
  1. Class meeting with Mr. West in the Lab to talk about:
  • Match up your common app account to your Naviance account.
  • Use what you very passionate about to help with the college application process.


  • Wednesday is the 8th day for SSR
  •  Blog Assignment #5 is due by THURSDAY AT 9:00PM
  • Make sure to have finished Heart of Darkness by Wednesday



Other Classes 


White paper is due on Thursday!

  • 8 Copies
  • Can be in the form of; Presentation Slide, PPT, Keynote, Prezi
  • Everyone must present
  • If you mention it, explain it.
  • Max 7 minutes


  • Quiz second rotation (Wednesday)


Blog Assignment #5

Hi West House! There has been so much talk about what a hero is in the past three or so weeks, and it is about time for a change. For this week’s blog I wanted to share an inspirational speech from Steve Jobs that I think is very relevant to our daily lives, especially with big career decisions on our horizon. Whenever I ask someone for advice on careers, normally the answer is, “just do what you love” and I think to myself sarcastically, “well that helped.” Jobs does a great job in explaining why it is important to do what you love in this short 2:55 second video.


Now that you have listened to the speech, do you agree with Steve Jobs? Do you believe that it is important to love what you do?

Lastly, at the very end of this video Jobs says, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Just by searching that quote in a quick Google search, there are a few different meanings. What is your definition of Jobs’ quote?

September 22,2016

Hello friends!!!

Game Plan:

Heart of Darkness Questions
(If done early continue reading text available online)
***The rest of Heart of Darkness is not due until second rotation next week***

Blog #4 by Thursday 9PM (Today!!!)
Heart of Darkness (Entirely by next week second rotation.)

Hello west house! For today we started off with our usual twenty minutes of SSW then we continued into the section 1 focus questions. We had until the end of the block to finish the 10 questions we were given.

Remember that blog assignment #4 is due by tonight at 9PM! Also
remember to finish reading heart of darkness by second rotation next week!

Other things to remember :
-Holt’s homework
-Holt’s quiz 2nd rotation next week!
-Daly’s homework (if not completed today, complete it by Friday)


Scribe for next week:

That’s it from me! Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!🙂

September 21, 2016

Hello Friends!

Game Plan :

  • Finish 13th Warrior

Homework : 

  • Blog Assignment #4 by Thur 9PM
  • Read Heart of Darkness (Section 1 by 3rd Rotation)
    • Entire by next week

Since today we had hub our classes were only an hour long which gave us just enough time to finish our movie, 13th Warrior, for Edward’s class. Remember that Mrs.Edwards expects us to use this movie as a text to help us with our PBA!

By third block (tomorrow) Heart of Darkness section 1 should be completed. Mrs. Edwards has an activity planned for us tomorrow that requires us to know the contents of section 1 by tomorrow so be prepared! Remember also about blog assignment #4 that’s due tomorrow at 9PM!

Other things to remember:

  • Daly’s homework
  • Holt’s review homework (optional)

Did you know that cats have over 100 vocal chords?

September 19, 2016

Hello Friends!

Game Plan :

  • SSR
  • Collect W.W packet
  • Intro to film
  • Begin 13th Warrior


  • Blog Assignment #4 by Thur 9PM
  • Read Heart of Darkness (Section 1 by 3rd Rotation)
    • Entire by next week

After starting off with the usual 20 minutes of SSR, Mrs. Edwards then proceeded to collect our writing workshop packets from last week. She then introduced the film “13th Warrior” to us before starting it. This film isn’t necessary a “modern day Beowulf” but rather an interpretation of an interpretation. This film was inspired by a novel written by Michael Crichton which was inspired by Beowulf. Mrs. Edwards expects us to use this film, and our homework,  as a text to help us answer our PBA which is “What contributes more to heroism – Sacrifice or Success?”

Our homework for this week is to read Heart Of Darkness in it’s entirety by next week but have section one finished by Thursday. She warned us that on Thursday she has individual activity that requires us to understand the content of section one so take notes if that helps you out! The last thing for homework is the blog assignment that’s due by Thursday 9PM. Because of the length of my article, I recommended starting early. I apologize about how long it is but I promise it’s a fascinating read😀

Other things to remember:
Holt’s homework
Piggot’s test – Second Rotation
Daly’s government checklist – Second Rotation

That’s all for today. Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing evening.