Game Plan:


*Finish watching Shakespeare in Love


SSR again for the last day of the week. Before we finished up Shakespeare in Love, we discussed the final death scene of the the film. Edwards announced that we would be reading A Midsummer Nights’ Dream  and Macbeth after 12th Night. She assigned us our first homework assignment in a month or so. Google “12th Night Full Text by Charles Lamb” if anyone decided not to take the papers Edwards gave us.


Nav: Nothing

Edwards: Read 12th Night by Charles Lamb and do Shakespeare Chart 

Hedman: Work on Life Stage 2

Pang: TBA

Game Plan:

SSR #2

Continue Shakespeare in Love


Nothing much today guys! We started off with SSR today in class. After, Edwards decided to bribe us with homework passes if we caught the parallels between Shakespeare in Love & Shakespeare’s works. To finish up, we continued Shakespeare in Love.


Nav: PG. 476-481 #1-5

Hedman: Continue working on Life Stage 2 

Pang: Complete Hess’ Law

Game Plan:

SSR or Finish Shakespeare Packet 

Begin watching Shakespeare in Love


Today, we started off with SSR or finishing up the Shakespeare packet we were assigned on Friday. Wrapping up SSR, Mrs. Edwards elaborated more on the EQ and talked about Shakespeare in Love.  The movie depicted what occurred in his life as he wrote Romeo and Juliet. After, she brought up Christopher Marlow, who was supposedly the man who wrote or co-wrote Shakespeare’s plays. For the rest of class time, we began to watch Shakespeare in Love.


Nav: PG. 450-460 #1-4

Hedman: Work on Life Stage 2

Pang: Finish Rate of Chemical Reaction Lab

Game Plan:

  • Unpack the EQ (unpack – break it down, have an immediate answer)
    • define terms
  • Shakespeare in Love
    • letter
    • packet


EQ: How do we make Shakespeare relevant and/or accessible for today’s audience?

(click for full size!)Unpacking the EQ

For our first game plan we discussed how like senior presentations, we have to define our EQ based on the context. One word can mean many things depending on the context! For example, like the photo shown above, in order for something to be relevant to someone, it must be important or relating to them in a way to catch their eye.

Change in definition = change in answer!

Next, we discussed the movie we will be seeing, “Shakespeare in Love“. Since we don’t know a lot about Shakespeare because his life was a huge mystery, the movie will be a portrayal of how Shakespeare’s life might have been based on his play Romeo & Juliet. The movie was made in 1998, so it’s rated R. Please turn in your letter with your parent’s signature for them to approve of you watching a movie with nudity in it.

Lastly, we wrapped up with Shakespeare packets. The packet had 4 articles that you must read. With the tasks (shown below), answer using the packet.


  1. Summarize  in 1 sentence (comprehend – monkey thinking) [MANDATORY]
  2. Write down 1 interesting/intriguing fact (one that you already know or read) (evaluate – deeper thinking) [MANDATORY]
  3. Answer the 1st question for each section EXCEPT for “Shakespeare’s London” (analyze) [EXTRA – OPTIONAL]

You will have extra time to finish the packet in class on Monday. It will replace SSR time.

Have an amazing weekend West house!

Scully K.

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Please have your EQ to check
  • Harkness


Today in class we did SSR for 20 minutes, and promptly moved on to Harkness, splitting the class into two. Comparing with you with the person behind/in front of you, the oldest was to do Harkness first. The people outside took notes while the people in the inner circle discussed.

The 1st group:

  • Began by going around stating their EQ’s and then any which one of the members of the inner circle would pick out what EQ appealed to them.
  • Focused mainly on the film angles and how they were shot, whether the religion in the movie made it different or not, and whether the movie was supposed to be mocking the tragedy it was originally supposed to be.

Mrs. Edward’s recommendation: follow the flow instead of skipping discussions and going off to another discussion

The 2nd group:

  • Began with one person’s EQ and continued from there
  • Focused mainly on how it can relate to modern times, and teenagers like us, if the religion played a big part, and if the first 5 minutes of the movie set the theme as comedic.

Mrs. Edward’s recommendation: slow down!


Thank you guys for reading, and sorry for the super late post!

Scully K.

Game Plan:

-SSR & assign scribes

-Finish R&J viewing

-What makes a good EQ? (Note: This was not entirely discussed because Mrs. Edwards was not present to explain in full detail)


-Create 1 EQ & prep for harkness

Hello West house! Today before we did SSR, Mrs. Edwards told us the game plan, and explained in the limited time she had to tell us that there will be harkness tomorrow for Romeo & Juliet before a sub came in. It is imperative that you come into Edwards’ class tomorrow with an EQ written down or typed up on a sheet of paper. If you do not have an EQ by tomorrow, you may not participate in harkness. A good EQ is one with multiple right answers; one that will give you a myriad of answers to discuss. You may also Google the EQ!

Mrs. Edwards’ example:

Do you think heroes should be flawless?

The answer to this question could also be yes, but this EQ is a question that requires further response to support your answer.

Have a great night and see you guys tomorrow!

-Scully K.

Game Plan:

  • Romeo and Juliet viewing


  • Come up with an essential question for the harkness next week about the Romeo and Juliet movie

Hello West House! Today, due to time constraints, we skipped SSR. Mrs. Edwards then handed out a packet about the Romeo and Juliet film as source material for the weeks to come. It is not mandatory to answer the questions on the back. For the next 8 weeks we will be focusing on the works of Shakespeare. One of the works we will be focusing on is MacBeth, which we will read in its entirety. By the end of these 8 weeks, we will have to answer the essential question: How do we make Shakespeare accessible and relevant to a modern audience? We will answer this by doing a project in groups of 10-11 people. Mrs. Edwards will divide the house into 3 groups and each group can choose any form of effective media to answer the essential question (i.e. video, documentary, skit, etc.). Every group member must incorporate equal effort in this project. After Mrs. Edwards explained the project, we continued watching Romeo and Juliet. Thank you for reading and enjoy your four day weekend!

-Julianne G.


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