Millie L. – 05/17/2018 (THURS.)


WEDNESDAY – 05/16/18


  • Work on PSA Project
  • Get summary/outline of your actual PSA video approved by Schiller by the end of class


  • SSR
  • Mini Lesson on College Life Hacks
  • Write up your own Top Ten Life Hacks for HS for HW


  • Free block


THURSDAY – 05/17/18


  • CNN 10
  • Mini Lesson on Health Insurance
  • Discussion about college
  • UP


  • Work on PSA Project
  • Get outline/summary of your program approved by Schiller before the end of class


  • SSW
  • Mini Lesson on Forma Emails by Mr. Kleger
  • Bring back “Formal Emails” worksheetΒ back on Monday for HW



Millie L. – 05/15/2018 (TUES.)

Hey guys!! I’mΒ going to be scribe this week! So here is what we have done the past two days!


MONDAY – 05/14/18


  • CNN 10
  • Finish California Propositions
  • Starts the Watt Riots documentaryΒ (Burn Mother****** Burn)


  • Start a new project on PSA type presentations on the topic of your choosing
  • Work on the project during class


  • SSR
  • Mini Lesson on Social Interactions (Conversations)


TUESDAY – 05/15/18


  • Watch Math TV series on Netflix


  • Finish BMFB
  • Presentation on CREDIT




May 10, 2018

Anaya’s Class:

  • We finished propositions
    • turned the paper

Schiller’s Class:

  • We watched a documentary called:
    • ” A Class Divided”


  • SSW + Lesson ideas (?)
  • Prep for the Gallery walk
    • Title card
    • Critiques cards (3)
    • Prep Folders
  • Gallery walk 5 minutes per station
  • Share out (?) + collect folders

May 9, 2018

Schiller’s Class:

  • Brought Children’s books
  • Ads with people on them
    • Talked about the Gender, Sexuality, and Race
  • Ted Talk about women being sexualized

Edward’s Class:

  • SSR
  • Work on Found Poetry
    • Extra Credit: if the picture goes with the poem that you created with the text.


Thinnes’sΒ Class:

  • Β Tests
    • 3 math tests (total of 43 questions)

May 7,2018

Anaya’s Class:

  • The packet to 5 propositions
    • discussed props 69 and 70

Schiller’s Class:

  • We worked on our senior project

Edward’s Class:

  • Gameplan
  • SSR
  • Presentation Makeups
  • Debrief
  • Found Poetry
  • HW: Break textbooks

May 14 @ 12:45 pm

May 16

April 12 – Clarissa P.

Hey West House! We’re so close to the weekend, we can push through to the end!

Here’s what went on in English class today.

Game Plan:

  • SSW
  • Admin Things
  • Intro Component
  • Commit (Step 1)
  • Complete pg. 461 in textbook

After our 20 minutes of SSW, we switched gears and discussed our component for our narrative. We were informed on what two options we could pick between for our narrative: narrative relating to senior topic, and a speech highlighting our four years at iPoly.

Next week is writing workshop and seniors are attending the freshmen’s Infotainment. If you do not wish to attend and would rather stay in Edwards class during the block to work on your component, the sign up sheet is located in Edwards room on the board (first come, first serve!)

NOTE: Edwards narrative piece is due April 22nd at midnight, and a hard copy is due Monday, April 23rd as well as our performances (no longer than 5 minutes.

REMINDER: We have a quiz tomorrow for Schiller and Thinnes during house block.

Have a great weekend!


April 11 – Clarissa P.

Happy Wednesday West House! YAY, we’re halfway through the week!

Let’s go over what we did in English class today.

Game Plan: 2nd Rotation

  • SSR
  • Reflective Narrative Practice

In class we had our usual 20 minutes of SSR reading. Afterwards, Mrs. Edwards gave us an update on our Unit 4 test grades and informed us on how we can improve our overall class grades. After housekeeping, Edwards showed us the first 11 minutes of a commencement speech video given at the University of Texas (watch the rest of the video here:Β Following the video we were given time to work on reflective narrative packets where we had to answer all 5 questions on the packet and complete a “Then/Now Chart” which was created to help us formulate ideas for our own narratives we have to write soon.


Bring Volume 2 Textbooks tomorrow!


  • Unit 4 Makeup Test & Scrabble Makeup Game are TOMORROW (April 12th) during fourth block in Edwards Room