Game Plan:
Component 5 Phase 3
Work day
HW: Blog assignment #9
After SSR Mrs. Edwards reminded us that we will be having SSR for the rest of the semester. The semester ends on January 22 so please remember to bring your books to class every day.
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Your second bookmark is due next rotation.
Mrs. Edwards introduced Component 5 Phase 3 to us today. We began by watching a TED Talk by Derek Silvers called How To Start a Movement. Mrs. Edwards then handed out the rubric (one per group) and explained how we will be graded for this component, which is a pro-sustainability campaign. Next she showed us sources we could use to inspire ideas for our campaigns, including switchenergy.org and globalstewards.org (not to be confused with globalstewards.com, please don’t go to globalstewards.com). The last 30 seconds of the class were given to us as a work block.

Read How to Raise an Adult on Technology. Write a miniskirt response to the article.


Game Plan:

  • Last SSW
    • collate chronologically
    • choose and identify
    • purpose and audience
  • Finish Phase 2

Today we did our last SSW prompt, arrange them in chronological order (oldest to recent) and chose the best one for Mrs. Edwards to grade by drawing a star or figure with a bright color at the top. We also had to write the purpose of our writing pieces and towards what audience is it targeting that way Mrs. Edwards knows your writing style and how to grade you.

The Build a Better School binders are now graded and posted on Aeries. If you wish to see the comments that Mrs. Edwards made, you will have to wait until Friday after school. Mrs. Edwards rather wants groups with group members from other houses to see their grade together.

Phase two has come to an end, finishing up with one last TED talk video. This video has nothing to do with sustainability but there are things we can consider for component five.

Game Plan:

  • SSW
  • Phase 2 – Explore Sustainability: Continue with TED talks
    • Take Notes

Today we continued watching TED talks and sat with our project groups. The purpose of this was to get inspired and discuss with our groups what we want to pursue for component five and Green Fest. The following are the three TED talks seen today:


Mrs. Edwards will collect all SSW writing assignments tomorrow.



November 16, 2015

Game Plan:

  • SSW & Scribes
  • Intro the phases
  • Phase 2- explore sustainability
    • Continue with TED talks & take notes

Intro to the Phases:

Mrs. Edwards went through the project phases we  will be going through for Component#5:Call to Action. Phase one was done on Friday through the TED talks, her intention was to scare us and to be afraid. Phase two is Explore Sustainability, and phase three will be an introduction to component five and six. On phase four we will answer the EQ and commit to a movement, on phase five we will explore marketing /psychology and on phase six (Dec. 15-16)we will share our campaign and have the option to turn it in. The seventh phase (Jan. 4-5) is the last chance to turn in our final campaign.

Phase 2:

Today we went through Phase two and will continue this whole week.  The point of this phase is to be inspired and figure out what we can do to create a sustainable future. We watched two TED talks and took notes. During the videos Mrs. Edwards wanted us to think about our consuming behaviors and how we can consume them sustainably.  The links to the video can be seen below:

How we can eat our landscapes

Paper beats plastic?




Today’s Game Plan:
TED Talks

The Junior team has decided that on four-core Fridays, one of them would give us stuff about Project Prometheus. Today, we watched (or at least were supposed to watch…) two TED talks on the subject of energy usage and sustainability.

Have a nice weekend!


Today’s Game Plan:
Debrief: BaBS
Learning Targets
RCW: Intros and Conclusions

SSW: Twenty minutes of writing, same as always.

Debrief: A brief debrief of BaBS, going over what the other classes had said and adding some new ideas.

Learning Targets: We received a paper to fill out with how we would grade ourselves in different aspects of writing.

RCW: A SUSD activity, this time taking notes on introductions and conclusions.

Hope you enjoyed your Veterans’ Day hodiday.

Class meets again tomorrow.

Have a good evening!


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