Game Plan Oct 5

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Turn in Permission Slips?
  • Collect Menu
  • Metacog Entry #6 notebook entry
  • EPT/EAP presentation&rubric #7 notebook entry
  • Review blog assignment format (didn’t get to)


  • Blog #6 is due Friday at 8 pm
  • Navarolli assigned pages. 66-70 (#1-5) in the history books
  • Study for Pangs test tomorrow, know the people.
  • Study for the upcoming quiz in Hedmans
  • Remember we have a week left until this component is due guys !


Collect Menu

After the SSR time that we have, it was time to turn in the menus that were due today with our groups. Right as we were transitioning into this part of the day Ms. Edwards hit us with a plot twist. She told us that she had written an EQ on the board all week that not once she pointed out, but wanted to see how well we answered the EQ through out menu.She also told us that we will be writing 4 of the genres we had on our menu throughout the year but she does have he spin on choosing the way you would like to write since it is a choice. Once Mrs Edwards collected all of our menus she left the unit open for discussion on how we felt about it. At this time students were adding comments, questions, and concerns they had regarding the project. As well as tips to help Mrs. Edwards improve on it for future reference.

Metacognition Entry

Once we were done with the discussion it was time to jot it all down on paper. We started our 6th entry in our english notebooks with questions about the unit. What it was asked of us to do, ranking the most important things in order from 1-10 off a list including things like analyzing the rubric, and time management. And if we benefited from this project on a personal or educational level. We took everything into consideration on how we worked, and gave our self assessment.

EPT/EAP Presentation & Rubric

Mrs Edwards took initiative to explain to us about the EPT and EAP, which doesn’t take place until 2nd semester. EPT stands for English Placement Test, and EAP stands from Early Assessment Program. (keep in mind one is PROGRAM one is TEST). The objective of this is to understand how to comprehend and break down an EAP writing prompt. Which is on demand writing in a timed period, which is used to see if you’re prepared for college level English. (Yes theres a math one that Hedman will go over). Not to worry too much, if you don’t pass junior year, you can take it again senior year, and luckily passing Ms. Ortegas senior english class with an AP or better counts as passing !

So what is the EAP? 

The EAP is a 45 min response to a non- fiction passage and a 15 multiple choice test from questions taken from the CASP Test.


The scoring on the writing section is based off a rank 1-6, 6 being the best and 1 being the worse. You must get a 4 or higher, which on a iPoly rank is an AP or higher. The multiple choice is simple, right or wrong. You should be getting your results summer of senior year.


Understanding the EAP Prompt 

So here is as basic as we can explain it. The three steps are 1, Recapitulation; restate the authors argument. Invitation, This is your thesis statement, and whether you agree or disagree. Stipulation, This is where you source your evidence and where you get your support (personal experience or other text is best evidence). REMEMBER TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS IMMEDIATELY.


Did I mention that the rubric Ms Edwards handed out is the same one she uses to grade our Blog entries? Now you can go for that higher grade :)


Read Glendale district says social media monitoring is for student safety.

Use Graff/Birkenstein’s They Say/I Say template to identify, pull apart, and respond to the article. Your response should be at least 250 words and should:

1. Have a clever title properly capitalized.
2. Use They Say/I Say template to fully develop both the author’s and the writer’s arguments.
3. Accurately identify a central claim of the article.
4. Appropriately lead into, blend, parenthetically cite, and discuss at least one quote or key fact/statistic from the article.
5. Explain each quote and discuss your reaction to it (agree or disagree).
6. Have concluding sentences.

Graff/Birkenstein’s They Say / I Say template:

Title: ______________________________

The general argument made by author X/the article in her/his/the work, _____________ , is that _____________. More specifically, X/the article argues that ______________. She/he/it writes, “_______________________.” In this passage, X/the article is suggesting that _________________. In conclusion, X’s/the article’s belief is that _____________.

In my view, X/the article is wrong/right, because ___________________________. More specifically, I believe that _____________________________. For example, __________ ________________________________________. Although X/the article might object that ___________________ , I maintain that ___________________________. Therefore, I conclude that _______________________________________________.

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Work on Menu
    • Research writing tips
    • Write descriptions
    • Determine categories
    • Create layout mock-upsWe take the PSAT on October 14th, so start getting ready for that.

Menu due on Monday.

Don’t forget to get your College Fair permission slip signed!

Blog due tomorrow at 8:00 pm.

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Work on Menu
    • Research writing tips
    • Write descriptions
    • Determine categories
    • Create layout mock-ups

Menu deadline has been pushed to Monday! Use this time wisely to make an amazing menu.

We take the PSAT on October 14th, so start getting ready for that.

International College Fair is on October 21st. The permission slip is due by the end of the week. Make sure to turn that in! You will not be allowed to attend otherwise.

Blog due this Friday at 8:00 pm as always.

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Work on Menu
    • Research writing tips
    • Write descriptions
    • Determine categories
    • Create layout mock-ups

Remember that you must finish your SSR book by October 14th in order to receive credit for it!!!!!

The menu is due this Thursday, so make sure to work on that. It is recommended that the research portion be done before Wednesday so that the class time that day could be used on designing the menu. However, that does not mean to slack off on the research. After all, that is what’s really being looked at. Also, make sure that when you write your menu, its consistent throughout. If one description is spoken in the 1st person, all descriptions should be as well. Remember to be creative and have fun with it!

Blog assignment is due on Friday at 8:00 pm like always.

Read Why Do Students Cheat? Write a 250-word response to the article. I will be looking for a central idea, unity and coherence.


Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Work on menu
    • research writing tips
    • write descriptions
    • determine categories
    • create layout mock-ups


Writing Menu Unit

Remember that there are links in the Handout section that you can refer to while working on this unit. The links lead you to website that provide tips for writing, fonts, and designs for your menu. Also the project is due next THURSDAY, October 1st. We will be given class time to work on this unit on Monday and Wednesday. However, keep in mind that creating menu may be a piece of cake but the most important part in this project is the RESEARCH which means do not wait till class time to work on this project.



  • Blog assignment #4 due by Friday 8pm




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