March 15 – Julie C.

Hello West House, happy Friday junior! Today in class it was pretty simple and we went straight to SSW and then stations.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget that tomorrow is career day all day!


  • Schiller’s test is next Friday March 23rd
  • Bring Pearson textbooks next week



March 14 – Julie C.

Hey guys, I hope you all had a great day! It is almost the end of the week so hang on for a couple more days. Today in Edward’s class since we had half blocks we read the Kenyon Commencement Speech by David Foster Wallace. You can get access to the youtube link right here so that you are able to listen to the speech and answer the following questions. The questions listed below are optional to answer because Edwards said she only wants to read answers that are thought out thoroughly and not answered just to complete the assignment. Do what you will, I will leave the 2 questions below and you only need to answer 1 if you wish.

1. “What’s an education for?” is a question well worth asking while you’re in the midst of yours. Take a few minutes to list all the objectives you think your parents and the larger society have for children in sending them to school and college. Which objectives do you see as primary and which as secondary? Are any of these objectives at odds with one another?
2. Wallace speaks a lot about our “default settings” and our need to adjust them. How would you describe your own default setting? Name three adjustments you can imagine making in your own setting on the way to becoming “well-adjusted.”

REMINDER: Tomorrows schedule is our usual Wednesday schedule: Schiller, Edwards, and Thinnes. 


March 12 – Julie C.

Hello West House! It’s Julie here and I will be your scribe for the week. I hope that you all had a great weekend and are ready to tackle another week. We’re almost to graduation so hang on tight guys! You all got this. 

GAME PLAN: 1st Rotation

  • SSR

  • Stations Day #2

  • Mr. Anapol (15 minutes)

Today was like most days and we began class doing SSR for 20 minutes. Afterwards, we continued to work on our stations until about 12:20 so that Mr.Anapol would have time to speak to us. He talked to us about career fair on Friday 3/16 and let us use the laptops to allow us to sign up for who we wished to see present.

REMINDER: Our schedule is weird this week, TOMORROW (TUESDAY) we have: Thinnes 1st Block, Anaya AND Schiller 2nd Block 



3/8/18 – Kris C.

Hi West House!! It’s almost the end of the week finally!

If you weren’t here today then you missed a big event today. Today we learned that administration has requested for us to be put into seating charts for every. single. class.

Besides that unfortunate news here is the rest of today’s overview:

Anaya- First Block:

So we finished presentations today!

Also we watched CNN 10 and an episode of John Oliver talking about NRA TV.

Schiller – Second Block:

So today anyone who needed to re-submit their experiment did so. Also we got assigned new projects, its a presentation on a sleep disorder of our choosing! If you are making a google slides please share it to Schiller! Her email is

Edwards – Third Block:

So first, we started out with some house cleaning! Starting next week there will be no more blog assignments, but scribe duties will go on as follows. Also from now on we are no longer allowed to read for SSR on our phones or tablets, a physical copy is needed.

Then we moved onto book work, for the next 9 rotations we will be working in stations. Each day you will have a new section and each sections consists of a reading or a video, then book work such as comprehension checks, analyze the text, and analyze craft & structure. Mrs. Edwards also suggest that we also take notes since we will be turning in certain pages! The Friday before Spring Break will be when we take a Unit test. Also don’t forget to bring your textbook for every single rotation for this Unit, all this work is classwork so it’s important that you finish each station during the block.

Final Reminders:

We have a quiz tomorrow on the Nearpod we had in Anaya’s class on Different types of Government, and a quiz for Thinnes on the two movies and cryptography!

Good luck studying and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

3/7/18 – Kris C.

Hi West House!! I hope everyone is having an amazing day today!

SO if you weren’t at school today here’s a little overview of what we did in class:

Schiller – First Block:

Today we finished watching Inception and had a little discussion on different theories we have for the ending.

Reminder: If you still need to get your experiment approved please do so tomorrow that way you can work on your introduction during house on Friday.

Edwards – Second Block:

So today we started off with 20 minutes of SSR as we normally do. Then we moved onto starting our Introduction to Unit 4.

The first introduction activity was being asked three questions and having people read their answers that way we can see the way our peers think. The three questions were:

  1. How is it possible for a favorite book to transform you?
  2. Why are both vision and disillusion necessary? ( Vision being dreams/hopes and disillusion being reality checks)
  3. When can the way we look at things lead to growth and when can it hold us back?

The third question comes straight from the book, it’s the essential question for this unit.

After this assignment we were working in our textbook, we analyzed the first reading which is The Assignment of My Life by Ruth Gruber on page 416. This reading is important because it is an example of a Reflective Narrative which is the same style that our final essay assignment/component for Mrs.Edwards will be.

While reading we were highlighting and taking notes on key strategies for Reflective Narratives:

In the Launch Text we highlighted the keywords : Reflective Narrative, true story, explores its meaning, dialogue and reflection,  and How does the writer feel about her experiences?

In the first paragraph we were supposed to identify how the author feels and highlight our examples to reason our answer.

In the second paragraph we highlighted dialogue, she wanted us to realize that dialogue makes the words more personal. Rather than saying “My professor told me I couldn’t do it” she used the actual words making it more real. We also highlighted words like NYU, The Atlantic, Harper’s, University of Cologne and Herbert Schoffler because of the specificity of these words.

In the third paragraph we again were describing how the author felt and highlighted our reasoning. We also underlined the word “Eventually” because its an example of a transition word in the middle of the paragraph to express that the author is changing emotions mid paragraph.

In paragraph 4 we wrote the author’s reasoning behind making the paragraph only two sentences. What we decided was the reasoning was emphasis and passage of time.

In paragraph 5 we underlined the objective phrases and circled the subjective phrases. Objective phrases are phrases that are facts while subjective phrases are opinions.

Finally in paragraph 6 we identified trigger words in the paragraph and how those words made us feel.

Reminder: We will be working out of our textbook for this whole Unit so it’s important that you bring your book everyday! Also don’t forget to do your blog response for this week!

Thinnes – Third Block:

We did our SAT problems for the day then finished watching The Imitation Game!

Reminder: we will be quizzed on both movies we have watched recently in her class on this upcoming Fun Friday!

“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” -Leonardo da Vinci


3/5/18 – Kris C.

Hi West House!! Its Kris again!

Hopefully you all had a wonderful Monday! If you weren’t at school today heres a little overview of what we did today:

Anaya – First Block:

We continued to do our Econ/Gov Bacon Presentations. If you haven’t gone yet you will most likely go tomorrow so have your presentation ready! We will also have a quiz on Friday on the nearpod that we went over in class on the types of government.

Schiller – Second Block:

Today Schiller passed back our experimental designs that we completed last week. You either got your experiment approved or you got notes and a request to resubmit. If you were asked to fix things and resubmit you have to turn in your fixed design by Thursday. On Friday in House we will be working on our Introductions for this experiment so make sure to have your experiment approved!

We also watched the first half of Inception which we will finish on Wednesday!

Edwards – Third Block:

Today we had our usual 20 minutes of SSR followed by some housekeeping regarding next weeks modified schedule. Next week’s schedule is different in order to make time for the Career Faire and to provide time for the students participating in the walk out on Wednesday. Our homework is to complete Blog #25 and to bring Volume #2 textbook for Wednesday! We no longer need our Volume #1 textbooks so you can get rid of those safely.

Here’s a picture of the board for those who would like to see:


Bring your Econ Book if you haven’t done so yet!

Also don’t forget to complete the math packet that is due tomorrow during first block!

Have a good rest of your Monday!

“A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.” -Barack Obama

3/4/18 Kris C. – Blog Assignment #25

Hi West House! It’s ya girl Kris and I’m going to be your scribe for this week!

So last week we did our blog assignment on the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day. Since then some of the student survivors have been taking action and advocating for stricter gun laws. They have started a movement called March for Our Lives to show that we need gun reform and that they refuse to sit by and watch more students and teachers die in mass school shootings. Students from other schools have also taken action and organized walkouts and protests in support of these students and their movement. However some schools have said that they will suspend students for walking out to protest gun laws which you can read about here. In light of this, there are also some colleges that have come out with statements saying that a suspension for protesting gun laws will not affect their admission. This can be seen in this article, which talks about colleges that are defending the protesting students rights to do so. Also this article talks about the rights students have to protest and if your school can discipline you for walking out in support of political movements. As a last little FYI, there is a walk out on March 14th at 10AM, our principal has said that students will NOT get into trouble for walking out in support of this movement.

Prompt: After reading the first article, do you think it’s fair for schools to be suspending students for walking out in support of gun reform movements? As for the second article, why do you think colleges are being more supportive about students walking out than high schools are? Lastly, do you plan to participate in any of the walkouts, why or why not?

I hope you all have a great Sunday and are prepared for another wonderful week! Don’t forget to practice your Macbeth Acts and to have your BACON presentation for Econ/Gov done if you are presenting on Monday!

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” -Elie Wiesel