Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Work on Macbeth

Another casual day happened in English class. We began class with the  usual 20 minutes of silent reading. After silent reading, the class was let off to work on the Macbeth project. It was a fairly relaxing day. Remember to answer the EQ or your team will get an NC.


  • Wear red! Support the Junior team!
  • Work on LS4

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Work, Hedgehogs

Even though Mrs.Edwards was not here today for class, we had the pleasure of having Mrs.La Russa as a substitute. Once again, we start off class with the usual 20 minutes of silent reading. After the reading session is over and out page numbers were recorded, we were sent to work on the EQ. Use this time wisely to work on the Macbeth project. Keep in mind the EQ, “How do we make Shakespeare relevant and/or accessible for today’s audience?”, and if this question is not answer expect to receive an NC. The deadline still stands at April 15, the week we come back from Spring Break.

Other things to keep in mind:
Nav’s test – Thu/Fri (East)
Pang’s Life Stage

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Work on EQ

As usual, we started the class with 20 minutes of silent reading. After our pages were recorded, Mrs.Edwards let the class go to work on the EQ. Due date for presentation of the EQ is on April 15th, the Wednesday we come back from Spring Break.

EQ: “How do we make Shakespeare relevant and/or accessible to today’s audience?”

“Go forth and be brilliant.” – Mrs.Edwards


Game Plan

  • SSR (20 minutes)
  • Yes!


There was no homework written on the board, but working on answering the EQ with your group is suggested.

What We Did In Class 

Edwards set us free to work on answering the EQ! The next few weeks leading up to Spring Break will consist of working on the EQ in our groups. Please use your work time properly. Remember the due date for this project is on April 15.

There you go! Have an awesome night and weekend West House!

-Michelle V.

Game Plan

  • SSR (20 minutes)
  • Act IV Quiz
  •  Begin Act V
  • Read + Blue Margin Questions


  • Read Act V + Blue Margin Questions
  • Ten Questions

 Quick Recap of the Day

After SSR Edwards gave us some pretty good news the project is due after Spring Break! Edwards gave us advice and said that we should finish before the break and take the break week time to edit the video since that doesn’t really require the whole group to be present. For the project you need to have a proper presentation, this includes:

  • How production addresses EQ
  • Reason why we chose this method
  • Actually answering the EQ

And lastly the film/play does not have to be an adaptation of Macbeth, try looking in to the themes of Macbeth and attempt to create something based on them.

Afterwards we took the Act IV quiz and Edwards allowed us to work in our groups and then we called it a day!

There you go! Have a good night West House!

-Michelle V.

Game Plan

SSR+Welcome Scribes

Take Act III Quiz

  • Grade + Review(?)

Begin Act IV

  • Read + Blue Margin Questions


Read Act IV and Blue Margin Questions

  • There are twelve questions

Remember Y.A.R.T is due tonight on by 8 p.m.

What We Did in Class

We began with our usual twenty minutes of SSR. Then we had fifteen minutes to complete the quiz for Macbeth Act III, the same format as our first two quizzes, just a bit shorter. After the quiz Edwards warned us to double check our reviews before we officially turn them in due to the amount of grammar and spelling errors she found in previously graded papers. Please run your reviews through spelling and grammar check, use your resources, even ask someone to peer review, they may find an error that you couldn’t.

Afterwards Edward’s let us get together with our Macbeth groups to discuss our game plan and ended the day with “Enjoy the rest of your stay here at iPoly”.

That was it for today and have a great night West House!

-Michelle V.


Game Plan:


• Act I + II Quiz

          • Grade + Review (?)

• Begin Act III

          • Read + Blue Margin Questions


• Read Act III + Blue Margin Questions (10)

• Work on Y.A.R.T. (Due Monday at 8:00PM)

What We Did in Class:

Today, we began class with twenty minutes of SSR. Before we started on the quizzes for Acts I and II, Mrs. Edwards talked to the class for a bit. Our original assignment for today was to read and do blue margin questions for Acts III and IV, but Mrs. Edwards discovered that Act III was a bit long. So, our homework is to just read and do blue margin questions for Act III only. She told the class that because of this change, she will most likely assign Acts IV and V together, so if you have time this weekend, start on those!

After this, we began the two quizzes. In the end, they took up the whole block to complete, so we were not able to grade and review it and work on Act III.

That was it for today! Have a good weekend West House!

-Kim R.


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