Blog Assignment #14

Hello West House! For this week’s blog I found an article about satire and how Jon Stewart might have had an impact on the recent presidential election if he had been on tv.

Please look at this article and talk about whether you think satire affects society and how people think and how it does this. Also talk about whether you rely or not on satirical talk shows to educate yourself on politics.

Thursday Dec 1st -Melissa T

Hello West House. It’s the first day of December and one day closer to winter break.


  • Work on the legislative worksheet.
    • It’s the same worksheet we worked on last time, except now we worked on the final section with the rest of the group.
      • Each group then got to present what form of government they believe would best fit Mars and why.
        • All this information was answered on google forms.


  • Phil substituted for Mr. Holt today.
  • Finished watching “The Martian”.
    • We answered 4 questions in our notebook about “The Martian”
      • What were some things that seemed unrealistic (not possible) in Mars and why?
      • What are some differences between the man in mars in “The Martian” and our (wo)men in Mars?
      • Would people actually be willing to spend money and resources to retrieve someone from Mars if it were to happen in real life? Why or why not?
      • Radiation was overlooked in “The Martian”. What would have happened if radiation would have been part of it?
    • (Disclaimer: These questions are paraphrased)
  • The remainder of the time was spent on working on the wiring for the modules.


  • SSW as per usual.
  • Work on the Prologue.
    • Keep in mind that some pilgrims are guilty of more than one sin.
    • Class time was spent on reading, annotating, and answering the prologue.

Reminders and Announcements

  • Government: Chapter 5 sections 1 and 2, the test on chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 will be on December 13th/14th and will be open note (but no printed notes).
  • English: Complete and turn in Blog #13 by 9pm. Finish the “Question” and “Conclude” questions, continue reading the prologue, there is a test on Monday.
    • Some key things to remember for the test (which was from the video on Monday)
      • Feudalism – Chivalry – Chivalric code – Courtly Love (non-sexual)
      • Frame Story – Renaissance – Reformation – Bubonic plague (black death)
    • The “Sneak Peak” tidbits from the end of the video:
      • Knight’s Tale- Arcite, Palamon, and Emily (pure and courtly love)
      • Miller’s Tale- Allison, Nicholas, Abalone, and flood
      • Reeve’s Tale- miller,wife, daughter, two students
      • Man (Nlan?) at Law -Constance
      • Priest’s Tale- Chanticleer (rooster)
      • Pardoner’s Tale
  • Math: Homework due tomorrow.
    • Tomorrow during the first house block, there will be the intro to the Capstone project. Second house block will be when the house itself will decided on the preamble and the type of government.
      • The final culminating activity will be held in the MPR before winter break.
    • The wiring for the modules will be due 3rd rotation next week.
  • Announcements:
    • The Winter Formal Flash sale will continue on until January 8th and there will be more than just 50 tickets available at the price of $45. Once they run out or between the dates 1/9-1/13, tickets will be $50 with ASB or $55 without
      • Winter Formal will be held on January 27th.
    • Junior Movie Night (Nightmare Before Christmas) on 12/21
    • Senior Holiday Grams starting 12/6
      • Caroling Grams: $3
      • Pretzel Snacks : $2
    • The last day before winter break is the 22nd.

I have finished my scribe duties and pass on the torch to Vince.



Wednesday, Nov 30 -Melissa T

Hello West House. Happy last day of November and most applications due date.


  • Mr. Holt checked “Foutan Board Part 1” and the “Parallel Circuit Homework”.
  • Continued watching “The Martian”.


  • Regular SSR per usual.
  • Satire power point presentation
    • Can be located in the handout section
    • It is necessary to understand satire in order to understand the prologue.
      • Again, the prologue is just the description of the tales in Canterbury Tales.
    • A great example of being morally  outraged yet still detached is the “Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift. Remember, he was the one who “promoted” eating babies.
  • Begin reading and annotating prologue.
    • Mrs. Edwards will be collecting the 24 “question and conclude” located throughout the prologue. (12 “question” and 12 “conclude”)
      •  It is basically just answering the “question” and “conclude” questions under the Close Read sections.
        • Just doing this, it will be graded as a B.
      • In order to receive an A, complete the 24 “question and conclude” and list every pilgrim and identify them as “perfect” or “not perfect”. If they are not perfect, name what sin they are guilty of.
        • Remember, only three pilgrims are perfect.
        • For example, Oxford Cleric is sloth because he reads too often and does not have time for prayer or attending church.
          • Sloth is too consumed in one thing to pay attention to God.
      • This assignment will be collected on Monday and may be used as notes for the quiz on the prologue.
        • 90% of the quiz is in the prologue and 10% is from the lecture from the previous rotation.


  • Notes on Polynomials.
  • Class time to work on homework.

Reminders and Announcements

  • Physics: Complete More Circuitry Fun Worksheet, read pages 531-544, continue working on wiring for the habs.
    • The wiring will be due next week. Exact date is TBA.
  • English: Blog Assignment #13, continue reading and annotating the prologue, and do all the “Question and Conclude” in the prologue. There will be a quiz on Monday.
  • Math: Page 369 in the text book #1-9 all and #11-63 every other odd.
  • Government: Work on the worksheet we received last rotation except for the last section. Review chapter 4.
  • The Winter Formal Flash Sale is still going on until the end of this week and/or until the 50 tickets run out. Tickets are still $45 a piece.

We are over halfway done with the week.

Monday, Nov 28 -Melissa T

Hello West House.


  • We watched CNN Student News as per usual.
  • Intro to Government Component: Create a preamble for the Mars habitat.
    • Every group received a single packet that contained a memo and four preambles (United States, Russia, South Africa, Ireland)
    • This was due at the end of class, however it is now due before the next rotation.
      • Only the botanist of every group is assigned to turn in the preamble on “turn it in”
    • This is the first step towards creating an entire constitution for the Mars Habitat. Over the remainder of the course, we will be the constitution.


  • 20 minutes of technical difficulty
  • We began watching “The Martian”


  • Regular SSR
  • Intro to Chaucer (Canterbury Tales)
    • We listened to a 42 minute long video introducing and giving information about Canterbury Tales.
      • Only the first 10 minutes are not worthy, however the last 30 are sneak peaks into the tales.
        • These notes will help with future assignments and are not graded.
        • Keep in mind the seven deadly sins when hearing the tidbits.
          • Chaucer used a lot of satire to give his opinions.
          • There are only three perfect characters in his stories.
    • Mrs. Edwards tells us that this is a “Frame Story”
      • The actual 24 tales are the stories within the story of Chaucer talking (Much like Frankenstein)
      • We are reading the prologue, not the actual 24 tales.
    • Eventually, we will have to write our own stories (narrative)

Here is the video we watched in class:

Reminders and announcements

  • Government: Review Chapter #3 and turn in the preamble
  • Physics: Complete the “Chapter 11 Electricity Parallel Circuits” worksheet
    • Those absent may either pick up a copy from Mr. Holt or ask a friend for a picture of the worksheet.
  • English: Don’t forget to do Blog #13 and bring the “English Textbook” next rotation
  • There is a Winter Formal flash sale in which each ticket is only $45. However, only the first 50 tickets are at these prices. The buyer must also reserve a seat for the event. After the first 50 are sold, prices will go up. For more information, ask the ASB representative.

Also, don’t stress too much over college applications.

Blog Assignment #13

Hello West House, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. It is recommended that we get back into work mode since school will be resuming.

This week I decided to have everyone read a poem. This form of writing allows many forms of interpretation of what the author was trying to convey in their poem. They are also timeless; poems meant for the past could still be relevant today. Poems show many meanings in a few words.

I chose this particular poem and reading since this could be interpreted in today’s events and situations. This was also a poem listed in “Poetry Out Loud”. It is chalk full of symbolism and other literary devices. This is also a powerful poem and reading.

Watch this video:

Here is a link to the poem:

Choose one of these prompts:

  1. What is your interpretation of the meaning of this poem? Use evidence from the poem to support your answer.
  2. How would this poem still be relevant to today’s events? Give examples.


(Disclaimer: depending on the answer, either one or both of the prompts may be answered)

In poetry, there are no wrong answers; just different ones.


November 17, 2016

Hello, West House! I apologize for my absence yesterday, but thank you to Scott for filling in! Here’s the breakdown of today:


We began the class with a review of the electoral college system activity we did this week, and as usual watched CNN Student News, and then took the Chapter 11 test. Mr. Daly also mentioned that we needed to complete a game of “Win the White House” so he could give us a grade for our score. Jacob broke the record with more than 4,000 points.


We all presented our HABs today in Physics, and then put them all together into one, beautiful Mars colony. It didn’t completely work out because not all of the airlocks lined up, but all of the modules were creative and done brilliantly! For the last few minutes of class, we watched the teaser trailer to “The Martian,” which we will watch after Thanksgiving break, which I linked for you all to watch again if you’d like:


Game Plan:

  • SSW
  • Present sins

First we did twenty minutes of SSW, and then we finished the last three presentations for the Seven Deadly sins unit, which were Pride, Sloth, and Wrath. We then followed that with a mini debrief/metacog about the qualities in all of the presentations  that we liked, which we could use for our Capstone project next semester. I transcribed the notes to a Google Docs for your convenience: (

We spent the last twenty minutes of class planning our party for tomorrow before we go on Thanksgiving break. Please bring $3 for food tomorrow! The list is as follows:


Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 4.42.38 PM.png

Homework and Reminders:

Math – Chapter 5 test tomorrow!

Monday, November 28 – Due date for the fundraiser

  • Ask Angelica or Gaby for more cards if needed
  • You MUST return the cards you didn’t sell to Angelica or Gaby (Please don’t lose them!)
  • Pay Fallon the money for the basket


November 16, 2016

Yo, West House! I’m filling in today for Sofia today, so let us get started!


Holt started by talking to us about the HABs. Tomorrow we will do a presentation with our finished models. They should be labeled and understandable without explanations, so be prepared. There also must be spaces for airlocks to go. All of Holt’s grading methods will stem from the rubric located in the packet. Wiring will be done after we return from break since Holt presumes most of us are not prepared to do it yet. Some components of the wiring includes: a switchboard, a master switch, lights for the central part of the module, and lights for individual rooms. The rest of the class was dedicated to working on the project.


Class started with SSR as is the tradition. Edwards then segwayed into admin things. SSR points will be rolled over and added to December SSR. Next, updates on the component was announced. Grading is almost done, and the grades will only go into Edwards’ gradebooks. The presentation is worth 100 points, cover letter is worth 50 points, and the resume is 25 points. Grades should be inputted by this week Lastly, we got more information for the sins presentation. The presentation is worth 100 points. The four categories are thoroughness, professionalism, engagement, and participation each at 25 points. The presentations then started with envy, gluttony, greed, and lust. It is important to note that these presentations were conducted in a much more casual manner than the component presentations. Edwards brought this up at the end of class, and told us to keep in mind how these presentations were different to the component presentations. Being conscious of these differences will ultimately help us in our capstone projects.


We started class with Piggott giving people who did not finish the worksheet time to finish it. Over the course of the class, we went over the chapter review. The class was pretty lax as usual, but Piggott made sure to stress that we should be prepared for the test on Friday.


  • History
    • We have a test on Chapter 11 Tomorrow (Open notes)
  • Physics
    • The HABs are due Tomorrow with a presentation
  • English
    • If your group has not, please fill out the organizer for out house:
    • Blog is due on Thursday
  • Maths
    • Math test on Friday

Here are some lighter jokes to help everyone working on the HABs:

  • What kind of computer sings the best? A Dell
  • What do you draw when you are tired of circles? Try-angles
  • I’m going to turn 18 soon. When I do, I’ll put a picture of myself into a locket so I can finally be independent. (in-de-pendant)
  • I can’t stop making these jokes. It is just a HABit.